Week 12 Preview: Capital Games and the Detroit Legacy Ruiners

by Joe Boughner feat. Chris a.k.a. Ya Boi Brochenski

Rosters have been frozen, Lazars have gone missing - yes fans, it's the Christmas break! But the NHL schedule makers have given you a gift - two Sens games! So sit back with a generously-spiked eggnog, ignore your family for just a little longer and let Team RBM get you set with this week's weekly preview.

Dec 22nd @ Washington

I feel like this could be a holiday tradition. Take advantage of the comparatively weak television slate and bill this as something big between the NHL's two national capitals. We could call it the Capital Cup. Heck, we could probably even find a corporate sponsor. One of the big telecommunications companies or something.

Guys, this could be big. I should go register a domain or something.

Anyway, it is always a classic tilt when John "Don't Call Me Karlsson" Carlson's Capitals take on Erik "Who's John Carlson?" Karlsson's Senators. These teams have very little history and no great storylines so I'm just going to bail here cause Brochenski's got a great take on ...

Dec 27th vs. Detroit

Take a seat, there's something I'd like to tell about the good 'ol Detroit Red Wings that may make you feel a little sick. No, it's not their defense (hahahaha owned), it's the fact that they have a history of ruining great player's legacies. By 'ruining legacies' I mean taking another team's franchise player and bringing them in for a short, pointless stint at the end of their career. They're the person who comes in from the other side of the room to ruin your joke by asking "what you guys are all laughing about over here". It's more than just Alfie:

Mike Modano sporting a nice playoff beard despite Detroit not actually giving him any playing time
Luc Robitaille, who has since realized his mistake and joined the Kings' front office
From superstar in Toronto, to playing with Detroit, to Dove commercials

Sittler was probably made to wear that visor by the mean organization

Gilles Gilbert in Detroit made as much sense as only wearing that turtleneck as protection

Just like their jersey, their habit of doing this never changed
Brad Park having the time of his life
Not even Dennis looks happy about it
Leafs legend Bobby Baun played 3 years in Detroit before returning to Toronto
Every Detroit fans' favourite Clash album

The person responsible for this was actually a Red Wings fan

Red Wing fan
"Hey Daniel, so Zetterberg was telling me you'd be interested in playing here?"
Anyways, what I'm getting at here is the Sens are better than Detroit. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a sloppy New Year everybody.
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