Mike Wheeler's Official 2015 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

by Head of RBM Scouting, Mike Wheeler

and Junior Vice President of Hockey Operations, Bonk's Mullet

with graphics by Capital Gains

If you're looking for the definitive guide to the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, you've come to the right place. Junior hockey insider and head of RBM Scouting, Mike Wheeler, breaks down the entire first round in what is sure to be one of the deepest drafts in years.

1. Edmonton Oilers - Connor McDavid
The Edmonton Oilers finally get the chance to draft a skilled forward that will turn the whole team around when they take Connor "Wayne Gretzky" McDavid with the first overall pick. Start planning multiple Stanley Cup parades, Edmonton, because this future Hall-of-Famer is going to have an immediate impact right away guaranteed.

2. Buffalo Sabres - Jack Eichel
Described as a "less-Canadian Connor McDavid," Jack Eichel is no consolation prize, this guy is the real deal. Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres will not have a difficult decision facing them with the second overall pick.

3. Arizona Coyotes - ???
This is where the draft picture becomes a little muddy. Are there other prospects to choose in this draft? Possibly. Will Arizona choose someone with the third overall pick? Yes, if there is someone to take, it is likely that they will pick them.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs - ???
If anyone is still available, hopefully someone bad.

5. Carolina Hurricanes - ???
In the unlikely event that there are this many prospects available to draft, you can count on the Hurricanes taking the one that they think is best.

6. New Jersey Devils - ???
Can 35 year olds enter the draft? New Jersey will certainly make one try.

7. Philadelphia Flyers - Shea Weber

8. Columbus Blue Jackets - ???
The Blue Jackets will hope to land a blue chip prospect (if there are any left) that they can flip for a star forward in his prime, such as a Ray Whitney or possibly a Dan Cleary.

9. San Jose Sharks - ???
I doubt anyone will even be watching the draft anymore at this point.

10. Colorado Avalanche - ???

11. Florida Panthers - ???
Will they even bother to draft a player? Possibly the biggest question mark of the draft.

12. Dallas Stars - ???

13. Los Angeles Kings - ???
Why are they so high up here? Can this be right?

14. Boston Bruins - ???

15. Calgary Flames - ???
Aren't they rebuilding? Surely they'll ask if they can pick earlier.

16. Edmonton Oilers (from Pittsburgh Penguins) - Connor McDavid
McDavid is a generational talent and, given the opportunity, it's a no-brainer for the Edmonton Oilers to pick him twice in the same draft.

17. Winnipeg Jets - ???

18. Ottawa Senators - Travis Konecny
Are there any 67's available? If so, who is probably the best one? Yeah, this guy had a bunch of points. Probably him.

19. Detroit Red Wings - ???

20. Minnesota Wild - ???
Is it even possible that there are twenty players to choose from in this draft? We here at RBM don't think that it's very likely.

21. Buffalo Sabres (from New York Islanders) - ???

22. Washington Capitals - ???

23. Vancouver Canucks - ???

24. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Nashville Predators)
Sadly, the last seven teams will be unable to draft new players this year because there is no way there are that many available to draft. As a consolation, each of these remaining teams will be hosting an outdoor game next season.

25. Winnipeg Jets (from St. Louis Blues)
Outdoor game.

26. Montreal Canadiens
Outdoor game.

27. Anaheim Ducks
Outdoor game.

28. Tampa Bay Lightning (from New York Rangers)
Outdoor game.

29. Philadelphia Flyers (from Tampa Bay Lightning)
Outdoor game.

30. Arizona Coyotes (from Chicago Blackhawks)
Outdoor game and a Kia Forte as the winner of the Kia Forte Last Pick No Pick Sweepstakes™.
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