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Bonk's Mullet (Eric Doty)

The legend himself
Bonk's blog posts
Twitter: @BonksMullet
Portfolio: Eric Doty's Portfolio
Email: bonksmullet[at]gmail[dot]com
Member since: May 2013

Bio: Having suffered a tragic death to a pair of clippers some time in the late '90s, Radek Bonk's Mullet was reincarnated as a Twitter personality in early 2012. In March of 2013, while living abroad in Philadelphia, he started his blogging career at Silver Seven. Weeks later, he became infamous for popularizing the act of Rihannaing and decided to take his blogging act solo.

Eric, the man behind the mullet, spearheaded the successful Sens Money on the Board campaign, which has raised over $20,000 for the Sens Foundation.I

n real life, Eric is a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert living in Nanaimo, BC. Eric Doty's personal writing portfolio can be found here.

Capital Gains

The freshest headline on
the World Wide Web
Gainsy's blog posts
Twitter: @Capital_Gains65
Cartoon Compilation: Imgur album
YouTube Channel: CapitalGains65
Email: capitalgains65[at]gmail[dot]com
Member since: November 2013

Gainsy's intelligence was apparent from a young age. Instead of cheering for his hometown Leafs, he chose the slightly less traumatic fate of becoming a Sens fan, and he has never looked back. His slight humour, Photoshop artistry and increasingly famous Sens Cartoons are responsible for his rapid gains.

Inspired by the only Sens-related TSN headline known to man, Ol’Gainsy decided it was time to jump on Twitter bandwagon leading up to the 2013 NHL Draft. The timing was appropriate because Gainsy is brimming with more potential than Curtis Lazar in a child beauty pageant.

Brochenski (Chris)

The fifth Beatle of the Pizza Line
Brochenski's blog posts
Twitter: @Brochenski
Other (better) blog: The 6th Sens
Email: cbrochenski[at]gmail[dot]com
Member since: December 2013

Brochenski gained notoriety in Jan. 2012 when Don Cherry accidentally mispronounced "Bryzgalov" as "Brocheski" during the Winter Classic, which lead to a world-wide search for this "Brocheski" fellow, and eventually landing him an offer for his current blogging position at The 6th Sens.

Brochenski currently resides in his mother's basement and is an active member of "Luxury Cars for Losers", a foundation designed to give men who can't talk to women a self-confidence boost. He can often be found doing nothing constructive on twitter dot com."

Stephen Hickson

A more skilled Garrioch with
a smaller stride.
Steve's blog posts
Twitter: @SteveOnSens
Former blog: Steve on Sens' Blogspot
Email: steveonsens[at]gmail[dot]com
Member since: January 2014

"Steve On Sens" joined Twitter in early 2013 and gained moderate popularity (tens, if not dozens of followers) after he took a picture wearing a cape similar to Bruce Garrioch at Toronto's Rogers Centre. From then on, he maintained a steady pace of Joe Corvo jokes before being signed to an entry-level contract by Bonk's Mullet to write game previews. 

Steve is often found wandering the streets of Stittsville, visiting the Kanata Value Village and re-enacting David Rundblad highlights in his driveway.

Matty Go Sens

Unlimited Karlsson photoshops
for only $7.99 a month
Twitter: @Gerv_Rebrand
Email: mattygervais[at]hotmail[dot]com
Member since: September 2014

Bio: Matty Go Sens has been attempting to rebrand the Sens image since the days of Peter Sidorkiewicz. In Feburary 2011, he joined Twitter to rebuild his identity as the Sens rebuilt their franchise.

His photo edits are inspired by DJ Zbad's dance beats, the whimsical Phaneuficorn, and you - the greatest fans in the world. When Matt isn't writing or creating his Sens works of "art," you can likely find this handsome suburban dad at the local Home Depot picking up supplies for his latest project, or at Mark’s Work Wearhouse trying on the latest line of Denver Hayes jeans.

George Marshall

Feigning happiness:
The true mark of a Sens fan
George's blog posts
Twitter: @GMarshall3
Email: george-marshall[at]live[dot]com
Member since: September 2014

Bio: He only spent the first six years of his life in Ottawa but George Marshall still bleeds red, which his doctor says is normal. He’s been a lifetime supporter of the Ottawa Senators and has endured constant irritation from children, adults and the media about his allegiances.

It took him 22 years to finally put his frustration into words on the internet, because no one in his social circle understands why instead of cursing, he says "Cheechoo." He hopes that contributing to this blog will cause people to forget about that time in 2011 when he took Nikita Filatov in his fantasy league as a "sleeper pick."

Mike Wheeler

Mike posing as part of the
CTC's new "KNITTING" sign
Mike's blog posts
Twitter: @TheMikeWheeler
Email: mike.wheeler23[at]gmail[dot]com
Member since: September 2014

Bio: Incredibly handsome and mildly funny, Mike exploded onto the blogging scene in 2014, similarly to the way his shirts explode when he flexes his huge muscles.

When walking down the street, people have been known to remark: "There goes a man who looks like he has no strong opinions on anything." Some say that if you stand in front of a mirror, turn off the lights, and say "Patrick Wiercioch" three times, Mike will appear and talk to you about Chris Neil’s ice time.

Joe Boughner

1% of Bonk's Mullet readers are old
enough to remember Dave McLlwain
Joe's blog posts
Twitter: @McLlwainsWorld
Real Life Twitter: @joeboughner
Email: joesensjoe[at]joeboughner[dot]ca
Member since: September 2014

Bio: Joe is a graduate of the prestigious Carleton University School of Journalism. Efforts to have his degree revoked after reading his writing on this and other sites have proven fruitless thus far. Born and raised in the Canadian hinterland, Joe was a house league superstar in his youth hockey days: Never good enough to make a competitive team but talented enough to dominate among the also-rans (the original Corey Locke).

Not related to Bob Boughner but impressed as all hell if you remember Bob Boughner.

Rob Poirier

Apparently not a picture of Robin Lehner
Rob's blog posts
Twitter: @RobFeature
Member since: July 2015

Bio: Rob works full-time as a writer, volunteers here as a writer, and also writes erotic letters to Gary Bettman in the small hours of the night.

Rob is considered the PK Subban of the blogging world, because he would probably win an award for doing it only if everyone else competent were removed from contention.


Granny says I was the handsomest kid
to strike out 5 times in one game
bRian's blog posts
Twitter: @bRian5or6
Personal Website: bRian5or6.com
Member since: August 2015

Bio: where do I begin. I was raised by wolves. no i wasn't. I live in my Granny’s basement and I graduated from college. Ok…no, that’s a lie. I did not graduate from college. However, I have read the Twilight series... twice… and I watch the PBS on occasion... soo... OH, well i do love passion flakies and ah caramels. BUT WHAT I REFUSE TO EAT IS JOS LOUIS. SO DRY. Anyways, i love the ottawa senators but sometimes i GET SO ANGRY BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS LOSE AND I LOVE TITANIC SO MUCH I WATCH IT AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR if not three.

Bonk's Mullumni

Chet Sellers

Not a photo of Chet Sellers
Chet's blog posts
Twitter: @Chet_Sellers
Podcast: The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast
Soundcloud: Chet's audio masterpieces
Current blog: Welcome To Your Karlsson Years
Email: chetsellers09 at gmail dot com
Member from: May 2013-September 2014

Chet Sellers was given a Twitter account in an attempt to encourage outsider art from certain at-risk individuals. His subsequent attempts to express his conflicted relationship with Guillaume Latendresse brought him to the attention of this blog, which snapped him up following a frenzied bidding war with the Ottawa Sun. He is regularly described as "off-putting".

Chet's all-time favorite Senators team is this one. Chet left the blog in September of 2014 to pursue his love of ant farming.

Luke Peristy

Luke's blog posts
Twitter: @LukePeristy
Podcast: The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast
Current blog: Welcome To Your Karlsson Years
Email: luke.rbm[at]gmail[dot]com
Member from: September 2013-December 2014

Originally of Australian origin, Luke has been a Senators fan since his introduction to the team in 1998.

Unfortunately, his subsequent move to the GTA took a happy and well-adjusted Senators fan and introduced him to Leafs fans. Lost and alone in a sea of blue and white, Luke retreated to the internet where he honed his particular brand of wit and sarcasm in order to lash out at the injustice he saw around him.

Luke's hobbies include chess and profanity.

Kevin Lee

The heart and soul of the franchise
Kevin's blog posts
Twitter: @BringBackLee
Solo blog: sensforlife11.weebly.com
YouTube Channel: SensForLife11
Email: sensforlife11[at]gmail[dot]com
Member from: May 2013-May 2015

Born and raised and still residing in the middle of nowhere (Kanata), Kevin had no choice but to follow the herd. He is now a full time season ticket holder and a Senators memorabilia collector.

Kevin's social media breakout moment was the creation of the "History Will Be Made - Matt Carkner" YouTube video in the 2011 playoffs. Thanks to the Bonk's Mullet Bump™, Kevin has developed a reputation as the Sens GIF master along with the occasional photoshop or video.

Charles Campbell

The Ghost of Sens Past
Charles' blog post. He only lasted one.
Twitter: @ccamp87
Email: charles.bonksmullet[at]gmail[dot]com
Member from: September 2014-December 2014

Bio: Hailing from the bustling south Kanata neighborhood of Bridlewood, Charles grew up in a true NHL modern family, with Canadiens fans for parents and a Leafs fan for a brother. Never bowing to the entitlement of the Original Six fanbases, Charles has stuck true to his roots and supported the Senators through thick and thin.

Charles has an extensive collection of Sens memorabilia, highlighted by an André Roy third jersey, an Alexei Yashin plaque signed,  "Best Wishes – Alexei Yashin," and a holographic card signed by "Future Ottawa Senator?" Jason Spezza. Charles' likes include playoff hockey, Lyndon Slewidge, and Swedish captains. His dislikes include post-game traffic, internal salary caps, and truculence.
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