Gainsy vs. Matty - Photoshop Battle Preview

A common theme for 2016 has been the idea of two heroes battling for supremacy. We've seen Batman clash with Superman. Captain America go toe to toe with Iron Man. The Auston Matthews™ vs. Erik Karlsson. Team Europe vs. Team Canada.

And now, we'll get to see Gainsy vs. Matty, Mano a Mano in a series of Photoshop Battles. Yes, that's Battles with an 's' which means there's going to be more than 1 since neither one of us has a mother named Martha.

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The Goal

Find out who the better Photoshopper is.

The Judges

Simon, Randy and Paula. You.

What Will Be Judged

Over the course of the season, in a series of posts, we'll be taking photoshop suggestions from you and making them. Each post will consist of 3-5 mini-battles in which you'll have the option to pick a winner for each. The overall winner for the week will be revealed in the following week's post. Although there will be no official schedule for posting, it's likely that these will be a bi-weekly feature.

Using the hashtag #GAINSYvsMATTY on Twitter or by filling out this form, you can send in suggestions for what you want to see made in Photoshop, Sens related, for now. The form/hashtag will be observed on a daily basis, so feel to send in ideas whenever you want.

When thinking of suggestions, we'd recommend taking a Mad Libs approach to it. Name a location, an adjective, a verb, etc. The more freedom the photoshoppers have, the better. That, however, doesn't mean suggestions as specific as "Curtis Lazar with red braces on the carousel in Central Park on a snowy Saturday in December" or as open-ended as "One of the players outside" aren't acceptable. We might not use them, but you can still suggest it.

Battle #1: Spooky, Scary, Sparty?

Battle #2

We are no longer looking specifically for Halloween themed suggestions. Anything will do. Thanks!


If you have any questions, drop a comment below (yeah, there's a comment section on this site) or send me (@Capital_Gains65) a tweet, and I'll do my best to answer it within 7-10 business days.
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