Silver Seven - Top 25 under 25. no 17: Jim O'Brien

by Bonk's Mullet

Let 2013 be remembered as the year Ottawa Senators fans met the real Jim O'Brien. In February 2012, the fine folks over at Silver Seven named O'Brien the 25th best Senator under 25. In January of this year, despite not having played a single game since our last rankings, O'Brien was pegged at number 21. After spending half of a shortened season as a healthy scratch, JOB was able to leapfrog Wikstrand, Claesson, and Petersson to land at number 17 on our prospects list (Silfverberg is gone if you're trying to do the math).

If the trend continues, expect Jim O'Brien to be the number one Senators prospect by the time you finish reading this article. But before we look ahead to the future, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane.

Read the entire post over at Silver Seven.
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