#TBT The worst draft pick in Senators history

Thursday, November 19, 2015

by Joe Boughner (@McLlwainsWorld)

We're rolling out a new segment (that, like most of our recurring segments, will never be seen again) this week here at RBM - a totally original idea we invented that we're calling Throwback Thursday (#TBT), where we'll revisit some of the highs and lows of Ottawa Senators history.

With the Sens rolling out a largely-homegrown roster night after night this season, it's easy to forget that this team wasn't always as adept at spotting and landing talent at the annual NHL entry draft.

From the head-scratching decision to draft Brian Lee over... well... everyone else in the draft class; to the dumb-in-hindsight move to take Alexandre Daigle over whomever it was that was drafted second (spoiler: it was Chris Pronger); right down to drafting Mathieu Chouinard twice - the Senators have had a few misses over the years.

But perhaps the greatest miss of all was the year that the John Muckler braintrust went way off the board in the third round and drafted a 6'10" defenceman out of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, who was also a brown bear.

Senators coach explains lineup choices

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

by Rob Poirier (@RobFeature)

Cameron takes questions from legitimate media outlets, including RBM (@Gerv_Rebrand)
If Dave Cameron is feeling the heat, he certainly isn't showing it.

With the Ottawa Senators off to a mediocre start, every decision their coach makes is being called into question... and Cameron knows it.

"I hear opinions everywhere I go," he told the media after last night's loss to the Detroit Red Wings. "But I think everyone needs to just cool it. Be patient. I have a plan."

The Senators have won just eight of eighteen games this season, with almost half of those wins coming in the shootout. They have looked like a mere shadow of the team that captured a playoff spot with some late-season heroics last year. In fact, many are wondering if the players are beginning to tune Cameron out.

"I don't think that's the case at all," Cameron said. "In fact, I think we're all pulling in the right direction. Everything is right on schedule."

Fans and media have been particularly critical of Cameron's decision to routinely scratch young, skilled players in favour of struggling veterans. The coach, however, insists there is a method to his madness.

"Hockey is a team game. It's not as simple as just playing the guys who are actually good at hockey. What you need to do is play the guys who will help the team achieve its goal. And in October and November, our team's goal is to lose. Guys like Wideman, Prince, Puempel... there's a time to play guys like that: it's with 15-20 games left in the season, when we are all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and need to put together a near-impossible winning streak just to get our foot in the door."

Though this strategy may seem unwise to most, it is clear that Cameron has complete faith in his plan, which appears to have more statistical validity than one would think.

"I've done it every year that I've been head coach and it's worked 100% of the time."

Despite the unorthodox nature of Cameron's plan, his players seem to be on board.

"I think it's a great idea," screamed an unkempt Jared Cowen. "Stop telling Dave to scratch me, okay? The beginning of the season is all that I've got! Why would you want to take this away from me!?"

bRian's Bodycheckz Episode #2- Insight into Curtis Lazar's Smile

Thursday, November 5, 2015

by bRian

Featuring special guest Gary, we dissect the first month of the Senators season. Our Hockey Insider even reveals the source of Lazar's famous smile.

Ryan helps Senators snap losing skid

Saturday, October 31, 2015

by Rob Poirier (@RobFeature)

The Ottawa Senators didn't get off to the start that many thought they would. Fans were hopeful that this year's team would benefit from the momentum that was generated by last season's history-making winning streak, but instead, the Senators have often looked uninspired and disconnected while skating to a 5-3-2 record. There are reasons to be optimistic though, as Ottawa has rebounded from dropping four straight by winning back-to-back games. More important than the wins, however, may be the big strides that seem to have been made by Ryan, who has long been struggling.

"I feel good," Ryan admitted, when reached for comment. "It's always tough when things aren't going your way, but I just kept trying to focus on doing the little things right, like refraining from washing my underwear. When you do that, the results come."

Ryan Ferguson helps the Sens pick up a 'W' against Calgary, as only he can

That's right. It was superfan Ryan Ferguson's contributions that made the difference in a pair of Senators victories this week.

"All I know is, I've had a couple of good performances. I'm moving around well... I was on one side of the couch, I was on the other side of the couch, I was in a recliner... and I think I'm seeing the game well too. The new TV is huge. It's helping."

Ryan had been slumping since last season, when, after signing a new contract, some began to criticize him for being inconsistent and lacking intensity.

"You try not to pay attention to that stuff, but obviously you can't help but hear some of it. Truthfully, I was making more money than I ever had before and I did start going out to watch games and stuff. I really just got away from the tried and true routines that had always brought the Sens luck, and by the time I got back to them, they weren't all that lucky anymore."

What is lucky, is that it seems that Ryan has finally found success with a new combination.

"Right now it seems to be: kneeling down with a jersey wrapped around my head while kissing a commemorative puck in front of the Holy Bible. As long as I don't deviate from that, we're good."

Ryan remains optimistic about the future, and believes that he can help the Senators to another post-season berth.

"I think I've got things sorted out and I've just got to keep rolling and get my confidence back up. I remember someone once saying I couldn't even spell 'superstitious'. I'd like nothing more than to make him eat those words."

Lazar "pretty excited" for upcoming stint on the IR

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

by Joe Boughner (@McLlwainsWorld)

OTTAWA - It seems that not even a trip to the infirmary can wipe the smile from the face of Ottawa Senators forward Curtis Lazar.

It's amazing to everyone at RBM that the keep letting
@Gerv_Rebrand into the dressing room
"I'm pretty excited for this opportunity," Lazar said after meeting with team doctors Monday. "We've got a great medical staff, our rehab facilities are best of breed and have you had a press box hot dog? Those things are top notch!"

It's the first major medical setback for the second-year pro but Lazar seems to be taking things in stride.

Senators to debut Stephen Harper mascot

Saturday, October 24, 2015

by Rob Poirier (@RobFeature)

The Ottawa Senators are coming off a summer in which they spent $15M enhancing the fan experience at Canadian Tire Centre... and they're not done yet. Tonight, the Senators will once again up the entertainment ante when they add a new contender to their much-beloved Prime Ministers' race: the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.

Harper goes noggin-to-noggin with the competition (@Gerv_Rebrand)

Sens Friends! #004

by Mike Wheeler (@TheMikeWheeler)