#SensMotB - Sens Money on the Board

#SensMotB - Sens Money on the Board

Sens Money on the Board Pledge/Donation Instructions

  1. Pledge: Make your pledge for the next Sens Money on the Board night using this form. All donations will benefit the Ottawa Senators Foundation.
  2. Share: Tweet your pledge to @SensMotB or share with the hashtag #SensMotB.
  3. Watch: Watch the game and keep track of your pledge!
  4. Check: Check the result of your pledge on this spreadsheet.
  5. Donate: Donation form available here. Feel free to donate at any time without making a pledge. Ignore the information above the donation form for the time being, as some of it is out of date.

Help raise funds and awareness for kids in our community

Inspired by a charity campaign by Columbus Blue Jackets fans, Ottawa Senators fans have taken up the "Sens Money on the Board" cause, in which donations are pledged for specific in-game events.

Money on the board is a hockey tradition in which a player or coach will pledge money on a locker-room whiteboard as extra incentive to score a game-winning goal or win a key game. #SensMotB is a grassroots Twitter campaign that encourages fans to put money on the board for various in-game events. Entries are encouraged to be as creative as possible. For example, Sens fans can pledge $6.50 for every Karlsson point, $10 for a Sens win, or $25 for a Chris Neil fight.

All proceeds go directly to the Sens Foundation, the Ottawa Senators-run charity that raises funds and awareness for kids in the Ottawa community. Here is their official mission statement:

The Ottawa Senators Foundation empowers children and youth to reach their full potential by investing in social recreation and educational programs that promote both physical and mental wellness.

In partnership with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, alumni association, corporate partners and fans, more than $75 million has been contributed to thousands of initiatives and charities in the National Capital Region.

We are proud to make a direct impact in the lives of so many each year. During the 2013-14 hockey season we will provide more than $1 million of support to more than 50 charitable organizations in the National Capital Region.

Close to $20,000 has been donated to the Sens Foundation through Sens Money on the Board. If you're interested in donating prizes to those who donate, please contact Eric Doty at bonksmullet@gmail.com.

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