Organization with low self-esteem welcomes back man who abandoned them

by Mike Wheeler (@TheMikeWheeler)

The Ottawa Senators held a press conference Friday to announce the hiring of former Senator and Red Wing forward Daniel Alfredsson as senior advisor of hockey operations, despite the fact that he walked out on them a mere two years ago and who knows if he'll do it again.

"You can't blame him for leaving to try find a better team. I mean look at how we were back then," explained General Manager Bryan Murray. "We were just dirt. We were worse than dirt, we were nothing. It's not his fault. It's just up to us now to not mess it up again and I'm positive he'll stay this time."

"He has to."

When Alfredsson left originally, many other organizations showed their support and reassured the Senators saying that they would be better without him and that you cannot value your franchise's self-worth based on one player.

Nevertheless, Senators management completely ignored the advice of everyone they know and ran straight back into the arms of the one who hurt them the most.

Murray stated that he is excited to prove the naysayers wrong and that he believes doing so will only make their relationship stronger.

Fans quickly took to social media in an attempt to convince skeptics that they don't have a massive inferiority complex and instead are genuinely elated by the return of the man who abandoned them when they need him most.

"I think it's fantastic! We're going to try extra hard this time and things are going to be so much better than they were before!" tweeted one Sens fan as his friends shook their heads sadly. 

When asked if he sees himself leaving Ottawa again for another, younger franchise, Alfredsson left himself some wiggle room should he start to feel smothered again.

"Probably not."
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