Ottawa Senators 1/4 Season Report Card

by Capital Gains

The Ottawa Senators have reached the 20-game plateau this year, posting an 8-6-6 record. As a result, (and because I haven't made a post in over a year) I decided it was a good time to look back on the first quarter of the season and evaluate the players, coach and GM. If you are related to any of the above - Don't read this.

The Forwards

Gabriel Dumont: A++

No-brainer here. The Sens have never lost a game when Dumont is in the lineup.

Mark Stone: A++

An A+ results from Stone's team lead in goals, points and celebrations. The extra '+' with Stone is because his play can be used to aggravate Leafs' fans.

Derick Brassard: A-

To his credit, he has picked up where he left off in the playoffs last year. With 22 points in 22 games, Zibanejad is on fire to start this season.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau: B-

Pageau has been head and shoulders above the rest of the team this year in the hair department. He's been decent on the ice as well.

Chris DiDomenico: B-

Unfortunately for Chris Di-Demoted-o, Boucher loves his eldest and youngest sons more. Good luck in Tampa.

Kyle Turris Matt Duchene: B-

Seeing as Duchene has yet to register a point with the Sens, I am being generous with my grade. Almost as generous as Dorion was with the trade.

Ryan Dzingel: C+

This was a tough one. Dzingel came close to getting a B, but it appears that the bell rang before he completed the last few questions on the test. Poor guy couldn’t finish.

Tom Pyatt: C+

Like 280 character tweets, more of something isn't always better. As long as Pyatt stays out of the top 6, I have no real complaints with him or his play.

Nate Thompson: C+

All things considered, Thompson has actually been okay* for the Sens.
*better than Kelly
Editor's Note - Expect Thompson's mid and final season grades to be the same as this one, since his no movement clause prevents a change.

Bobby Ryan: C

A low approval rating shouldn't be a surprise for Bobby. For the 5th straight year, he has started the season off with more broken hands than goals.

Nick Paul: C

I've got nothing for this.

Alex Burrows: C-

Even if Dahlen never makes it to the NHL, the Sens still lost this trade. Hugs and high-fives for everyone.

Mike Hoffman: Ungraded

Unlike his shots, Hoffman’s grade will not be posted.

Zack Smith: Ungraded

Apparently Smith has played in 12 games this year, but I haven’t seen him out there. Hopefully he shows up before the mid-season grades.

The Defense

Thomas Chabot: A

This was an easy choice with Chabot having 3 assists in 4 games this year. Additionally, I have to go with the coach on this one since Boucher has been associating him with the A all season.

Erik Karlsson: A-

Since he is still recovering from ankle-removal surgery, Karlsson has looked sluggish to start the season. This makes him the best defenseman in the league by only a medium-margin.

Editor's Note - Karlsson would have received an A+ if he was from Ontario.

Freddy Claesson: B

With the team losing Marc Methot to the expansion draft, someone needed to step up both as a player and a personality. I think it's safe to say that Freddy has been that guy. Two thumbs arms up.

Dion Phaneuf: B

This grade was solely based on his Halloween costume.

Mark Borowiecki: B-

I didn’t think this was possible. Keep up the good work, Mark.

Ben Harpur: C+

I initially gave Harpur a C, however, that was before I realized he's 6'6. Clearly I was wrong with my initial evaluation.

Ceci: D-

Like a few GMs around the league, I was going to deal out an F for Ceci, but Dorion refused it.

Johnny Oduya: F

To be honest, as bad as he's been, I don't think Oduya's season has been a complete failure. With that being said, I didn't want to grade Johnny a D, since he isn't very good at it.

Chris Wideman: F

Personally, I think Wideman deserves a B, but the team sees him as an F for some reason, so I guess I have to live with their decision.

The Goalies

Craig Anderson: C

Unfortunately for Anderson, this is the only time when an 89.6% doesn’t result in an A+.

Mike Condon: D

Like any University during O-Week, there have been plenty of Condon giveaways that resulted in someone scoring.

The Coach

Guy Boucher: D

Although a bit low, I don't think Boucher will be upset with my decision. With another D, there are more ways for him to go 11-7.

The GM

Pierre Dorion: F

Realistically, until he trades Ceci, one for one, I can't go higher than this.

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