The Former Face of the Franchise

by Capital Gains (@Capital_Gains65)

I’ll start this by saying I’m a big fan of the logo change, and I’ve yet to see anyone upset with the move. With that being said, the talk on social media is all about what we have now, and there’s very little focus on what we lost. I decided to give an opportunity to the face behind the now former logo, allowing them to finally voice their thoughts after being with the Ottawa Senators for 13 years.

2020.  I (right) sit with DDD, hours after they were let go.

Gainsy: First and foremost, I want to thank you for agreeing to an interview. I can’t imagine how hard today might be for you, so I honestly do appreciate this.

DDD: Yeah, it’s been a tough one, but it’s probably best to talk about it while it’s still fresh.

Gainsy: Let's just jump into this then. How did you get started with the Sens?

DDD: It’s a crazy story. After a modelling gig for Giant Tiger, I went vacationing in the tropics. One night, some guy stumbles and falls into me. He takes one look at me, hands me his card, and walks off. I didn't think anything of it until I returned back home, and started to unpack. I find the card in one of my pockets, and call and

Gainsy: Eugene Melnyk picks up? Amazing.

DDD: We get to talking, and he makes an offer. The pay wasn’t great, but come on, 30 teams in the NHL at that point, and you’d be one of only two human logos. It was a can’t miss opportunity.

2007. Eugene Melnyk and Bryan Murray welcome the new face of the franchise.

Gainsy: So, your face starts showing up all over promo material, merchandise, jerseys...I'm curious – What’s it like seeing your face on the jerseys of tens of thousands of fans in the stands?

DDD: Tens of thousands?

Gainsy: Thousands


Gainsy: We’re talking about 07/08 here.

DDD: Alright fine. Yeah, to see your face, everywhere, all the time… it’s everything. I can’t get enough of it. That’s why I took the offer without thinking. It’s just a shame this face really went to waste in the last few years. Between the attendance and the heritage bulls***, I – 

Gainsy:  Come on now. I didn’t expect to get into your competition this quick, but all three – the heritage, heritage classic, and NHL 100 – they are all beautiful jerseys.

DDD: Nope. Disgusting. All of them.  

Gainsy: Rihanna and I disagree on that, but now you have me wondering. What about your first competitor? The SNES logo?

DDD: Gorgeous. I loved it. I was so thrilled when the team first revealed it.

Gainsy: Uhh...You’re going to have to help me out here.

DDD: Think about it. The initial backlash from my arrival was rough. The team is coming off of a final's appearance, and all of the sudden they're rebranding? A first round exit my first year, and then the Heatley rumours start. The end is nigh. The new jersey is Matt Duchene levels of cursed. People hate it. People hate me. And then BAM. The SNES shows up to save the day. All of the sudden the fans are now begging for my face to be on the players every night. It didn't matter what happened on the ice, as long as the SNES jersey was around, I was golden. It was a gift from above.

Gainsy: I – That...makes sense.

DDD: Mmhmm.

Gainsy: Although, the end of your first year wasn't that bad, especially with your first draft, in Ottawa of all places. I mean, since you bring up gifts from above, G-d rested on the 7th day, and on the 8th day

DDD: He created Erik Karlsson.

Gainsy: Probably the best player who put on the jersey with your face.

DDD: Oh absolutely. I’m going to be honest though, I was terrified on draft night when I saw some 157 pound kid walk up to the stage. At the time I thought he was a garbage pick.

Gainsy: Do you write for the Sun?

DDD: Huh?

Gainsy: Nevermind. Look, I know this interview is about you, but this may be my only chance to find out, so I’m going pause here, and ask a question that’s somewhat off the board, if that’s ok?

DDD: Go for it.

Gainsy: We know where one of predecessors ended up, as they’re now replacing you, but what about the other one. The Senagoth. What ever happened to them?

DDD: I don’t know. Honestly. I haven’t heard from them. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’ve only gotten voicemail. The last time I saw them was back in 07’, at my welcome party. After that, they sort of just disappeared.

   2007.  The gang celebrates DDD joining the Sens.

Gainsy: Do you have any mutual friends? Do you know if they’re ok?

DDD: Were they ever?

After a brief moment of silence, and reflection, we continued with the interview.

Gainsy: Back to Karlsson, I think you’d agree with me that your time with the Sens was largely defined by the Karlsson era. Between the Norris trophies, the initial playoff push in 2012, the Hamburglar run, 2017 – 

DDD: F*** Chris Kunitz

Gainsy: Yes. F*** Chris Kunitz. But really, your tenure with Ottawa, EK was at the centre of it all.

DDD:  He was. And those years were amazing. We put this team on the map again. The two faces of the franchise. It was our era, and easily the highlight of my time with Ottawa. 

Gainsy: Any other moments stand out, good or bad?

DDD: Good? Not really. Although seeing all the banners in the arena replaced with my face was my proudest day as the logo. I'm not sure why the older ones were changed, but I'm not complaining. On the other side, the 2012 draft. The lockout. Matt Cooke. Alfie leaving.

Gainsy: Twice.

DDD:  The Sweden trip. The unprotected first. Year 2 and 3 of Guy Bouch–

Gainsy: Don’t go there.

DDD: Alright, alright. But I'd say the worst part of my time with the team was the constant disapproval of me from the fans. Go with the O. Bring back the 2D. It was rough. Honestly, I was probably on my way out in 2018 if not for the #3DOut campaigns, which made me stay out of spite. 

   2018. #3DOut billboards take over the city.

Gainsy: Oh... well I feel like I have to apologize for all of that on behalf of the fanbase. I'm sure some are sad to see you go now.

DDD: Really?

Gainsy: Probably not. But now that your time with Ottawa has come to an end, I want to know – What’s next?

DDD: I’m not sure yet. Everything is obviously still so fresh and will take some time to process. I’ll take things game by game – or I should say day by day now. Maybe take a break, rest for a bit.

Gainsy: Rest is a weapon.

DDD: And then, who knows. Maybe I'll become an Uber driver. Or learn to fly. Rumour has it Mr. Melnyk is looking for a new pilot. 

Gainsy: Well I wish you the best of luck, and again, I want to thank you for sitting down with me for this. Is there one final message you want to pass on to the fans in Ottawa who have been with you for the last 13 years?

DDD: ...

Gainsy: ...

DDD: ...

Gainsy: ...

DDD: We were a team. And I was the face of it.

   2020. DDD saying goodbye to the only life they've ever know.

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