Sens Collectors: How Swede It Is

By Kevin Lee

As an avid collector of Ottawa Senators memorabilia, I've decided to start a recurring feature on the blog to show off the various items that Sens fans own and treasure. Your collections can range from decorated rooms, to signed photos, to jerseys. I want to see them! Shoot me a tweet at @BringBackLee or an email to and they will definitely be considered for future posts. This is the third Sens Collectors post and will feature items involving Swedish players. Past posts can be found here and here.

Our first item comes from Marko (@TheRealMarkoCho) and it is a beauty of a hat featuring out favourite Norris winning Swede.

Next up is an autographed heritage jersey belonging to Meagan Ashley (@MarvelousMeag). On the left are Chris Neil, Shean Donovan, and Chris Phillips. On the right are Marc Methot, Jesse Winchester, Peter Regin, and Zack Smith. Front and center? None other than the most famous Swede in Ottawa... Daniel Alfredsson.

Continuing with Alfredsson, DJRezz (@DJRezz) sent in this autographed photo of our former captain.

From my own personal collection is one Swede who wasn't with us long enough, magic number seven a.k.a. David Rundblad. This is a game worn jersey from the 2010-2011 European Hockey Tour tournament.

We'll end this edition with a submission from Janice Swan (@Janbanan87) featuring the Swedish rookie duo from last season. She also provided a background story on the Zibanejad autograph shown. It was like any normal day when Janice received a call from her dad at work. He began with the usual "Hi... How are you?" talk. What came next though was "Guess who just came into the store." She of course had no idea, expecting it to be nobody she would care for. That is until she heard her dad say "Mika Zibanejad", her favourite hockey player.

Janice doesn't even remember what she said in response due to her shock, but likely included "WHAT!? REALLY?", "OH MY GOD!", and "THAT'S SO COOL!". Her luck wouldn't end there as her father continued with "Ya, well I have a nice autograph here that says 'To Janice'." She was overjoyed and was able to get the full story from he father. It turned out Zibanejad was in her dad's store looking for some stuff. Her dad made sure to mention how he friendly he was. Before Zibanejad left the store, her dad asked if he could get an autograph, which Zibanejad granted without hesitation. Not having any memorabilia on him, he simply offered a receipt paper. Janice wouldn't have it any other way. She plans on eventually framing the autograph (which is her first) and one she will cherish her whole life thanks to her dad.

That's all for this edition of Sens Collectors and I hope you enjoy this and future editions feature. To keep it going, I need your help. If you have anything unique you want to share, contact me on Twitter at @BringBackLee or an email to Looking forward to hearing from some of you. Until then, thanks for reading!
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