Sens and Habs fans agree to disagree, focus on what matters

by Joe Boughner

OTTAWA (Canadian Press) - In a surprising turn of events, the collective fan bases of the Canada's eastern conference playoff teams "agreed to disagree" - an unexpected show of unity following a heated opening game.

"You know what? They're rooting for their team, we're rooting for ours, I didn't need to make it personal," said John Doe, a lifelong Senators fan and noted Twitter troll. "The sun is shining, I've got my health... isn't that what really matters?"
One of the regrettable tweets from game one.

"I tweeted some stuff that, in the harsh light of day, I sort of regret," admitted Jean D'eau, a self-described diehard Montreal Canadiens fan. "I mean, I've never been slashed in the arm before, I have no idea how it feels, so maybe I could've given Player 61 the benefit of the doubt there."

A few early adopters even started tweeting their commitment to cordial fandom with the hashtag #ItsJustAGame, though the tag has yet to trend.

"If this takes off a bit I think the next step is to start a campaign to get Karlsson and Subban to split the Norris this year, they're both just so sublime, ya know?" said Doe before being interrupted, politely, by D'Eau.

"But not until the cup is handed to whichever one of these great teams manages to win this series, eh? May the best team win!"

Game two in the series goes Friday night in Montreal.

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