Panthers vs Senators Game Recap

by Mike Wheeler (@TheMikeWheeler)

First Period

I actually missed the entire first period because I was out at Milestones celebrating my friend Kagami's birthday. We all shared a spinach dip for an appetizer and it was pretty good. For my main, I got a new item on the menu: Steak Frites. Despite the adequately descriptive name, I was still somewhat surprised when a plate full of steak and french fries was placed in front of me. The steak was properly cooked and there was some kind of truffle oil jus along with it that was quite nice. All in all, had some good food and some great times.

Anyway, apparently Zibanejad scored but then he didn't but then he did.

Second Period

16:17 - This is the point in the game at which I started watching. And by watching, I mean having the game on while reading Twitter.

15:35 - TSN has a graphic up comparing Karlsson to Bobby Orr. Not even kidding.

14:11 - Luongo looking strong here in the second period. Makes a couple big saves on Zibanejad preventing his third and fourth goals of the night.

13:56 - Apparently it's not Luongo in net. It's someone else.

9:48 - Buddy Robinson scores his first NHL goal by tipping Ceci's point shot past Luongo thereby joining an elite club of NHL goalscorers named Buddy.

5:47 - Commercial break.

4:34 - I spent the rest of the period searching for gifs from the new Rogue One teaser trailer.

Third Period

19:37 - Jagr rips one past Anderson. Fortunately for the Senators, this took place between plays. Vintage Jagr!

15:11 - Jagr does some stuff and then a non-Jagr Florida Panther scores a goal. Craig Anderson's dream of a shutout has been shattered.

12:07 - So here's a question: what's up with all the colour variation in the stormtrooper armour in the Rogue One teaser? This takes place immediately before Episode IV where all the stormtroopers are identical and have white armour.

9:54 - Luongo still looking great. Makes another big save, this time stopping Karlsson.

5:46 - Ceci has his revenge and scores a goal that was in no way interfered with by known goal-hog Buddy Robinson.

2:34 - Now that I think of it, I guess some of the Imperial pilots had black armour in A New Hope. I don't think that accounts for the wide spectrum of troopers we see in the Rogue One teaser though.

0:00 - Grand total of zero goals scored during the Big Mac Minute. Everyone goes home with empty stomachs and empty hearts.

Another disappointing win from the Senators as they inch further and further away from a top draft pick.

Three Stars

First Star: Buddard "Buddy" Robinson
Second Star: Roberto Luongo
Third Star: You, the fans!

Hardest working Sen: Mark Borowiecki

Make the final score Florida 1 - Ottawa 3. I have no idea what the shots were.

Weird, right?

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