Marc Methot Play With AJ Interview Transcript

by SensForLife11

Marc Methot was recently on MTV Canada to chat with Aliya Jasmine on Play With AJ. Here's a transcript of the interview which can be found here:

AJ: So let's start by talking about the locker room DJ.

Methot: Right now we're in a weird transition period. I think it's sort of between Chris Neil, Erik Karlsson and I'm sort of sneaking my way in there right now.

AJ: What are you playing, like what's your go to?

Methot: Karl loves his house music. All the Swedes love the house music. So you got the country guys, you got the hip hop/rock guys. So I try to bring it all.

AJ: Who's the one who can not take charge of the music.

Methot:  Neiler's good, but a lot of his playlists are pretty old, so he's gonna kill me when he sees this.

AJ: Like what, Bon Jovi?

Methot: Like old, like Black Eyed Peas stuff.

AJ: So not old, but lame.

Methot: Ya, you just get sick of hearing it.

AJ: Who do you think is the best dressed guy on the team? Who wears the suit the best?

Methot: I'd like to say myself, but it's probably not. It's all the Swedish guys. Like Karl.

AJ: With their tiger Sweden suits.

Methot: They've all got their skinny ties and the tight suits. They've got pretty good style.

AJ: Are you a video game guy?

Methot: Ya, I'm a huge video game guy!

AJ: I know nothing about video games, but what do you play?

Methot: It's okay. I play Black Ops, Black Ops is my game. I play with a bunch of the guys. We all have our huge head sets on in our basements where we play and we're yelling at kids on there so it's all a lot of fun.

AJ: What, you play against each other?

Methot: Ya, no, we play together on a team usually against whoever and it's always random online stuff and there's a lot of kids. You know, it's actually usually the adults that talk a lot of smack out there and doing that.

AJ: Is it like race car game?

Methot: NO!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? It's one of the biggest games in the world.

AJ: I know Halo.

Methot: It's better than Halo, it's like a first person shooter game. It's awesome, it's a war game.

AJ: If we were to make a biopic of your life who would play you?

Methot: Who would... (yelling at Zack Smith) Hey, who would play me in a biopic, like a celebrity that would look like me.

Smith: William H. Macy.

Methot: Hahaha, well there you go. William H Macy. That was Zack Smith.

AJ: You know I think would be really good to play you is the guy that plays McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy.

Methot: Yes! McDreamy, I agree with you. Thank you for that.

AJ: You're welcome.

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