The Ottawa Senators GIF of the Year

by SensForLife11

We here at are trying to decide on the Sens GIF of the year. We've managed to narrow it down to 16 of our favourites. We are leaving it up to you, our readers, to vote using our prepared bracket to determine the winner.

And the winner of the Ottawa Senators GIF of the year is JASON SPEZZA! Let's see how he got there.

In the top 16, Spezza demolished Chris Neil, taking 90% of the votes.

In the top 8, Spezza took 65% of the votes against Marc Methot's summer dancing.

Continuing to the top 4, Spezza eliminated the first Silfverberg handily, taking 80% of the votes.

And as expected, the final lived up to expectations in a close race where Spezza barely won with 52% of the votes.

So how do you feel about winning the GIF of the year Spezza?

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