Puck Daddy Summer Feature: Ottawa Senators, National Hockey League of Nations

by Bonk's Mullet and Ryan Classic

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It would be fruitless to argue that the Ottawa Senators have as rich a history as their division rivals. If you take out your official copy of The NHL Board of Governors Atlas and take a look at the other seven teams scattered along the Atlantic coast, you’ll quickly spot four Original Six opponents in the proximity of Ottawa.

Despite the inability to draw in big name free agents, Ottawa’s all-time international team is as impressive as any. Thanks to prolific drafting and the development of young players within the organization, the Senators have managed to put together a solid international cast of characters.

More impressive in the team’s short history is the abundance of players who have ended their tenure in Ottawa on less than amicable terms with the team. In fact, this list of players could go pound for pound with Ottawa’s all-time team.

Grab a tissue as we walk down memory lane to revisit Ottawa’s International All-Scorn Team.

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