Photoshop Gameday Preview - Ottawa vs. Tampa

by Steve On Sens and Capital Gains

Well if you weren't depressed enough following losses to Colorado and Montreal and Nashville and New York, get ready for the return of Steve On Sens Photoshop Gameday Previews!

In this post, you won't find the depressing playoff chance stats. You won't find information detailing how Eugene Melnyk is associated with the mafia and you won't hear about Paul MacLean's poor usage of players. This game preview will be a bundle of fun featuring things that are only slightly less depressing such as Ben Bishop, Daniel Alfredsson and the fact that we don't even have a draft pick...Because what doesn't scream cheerful joy like 3 more years of awful hockey!? *huffs glue*

Entering tonight's game, we can't ignore the elephant in the room. Ben Bishop starts for the Tampa Bay Lightning while Cory Conacher plays for the Buffalo Sabres. Did Ottawa lose that trade? That's still yet to be determined....maybe our 4th round pick will turn into the next Brian Elliott!

At least little Cory was able to find a summer job.

Patrick Wiercioch is once again a healthy scratch tonight. According to MacLean, the defensive core is more "physical" with him out of the lineup. After hearing the news, Wiercioch deleted all but one song off his iPod, and he has began to listen to it on repeat.

"Lets get physical, physical. I wanna get physical..."

Steven Stamkos is coming into this game after scoring a hat trick in his last outing. The majority of people cheering for the Sens tonight hope that the defense will be able to keep Stamkos off the scoreboard tonight. There is only one person who secretly hopes that Stamkos gets another hat trick tonight.

The hats will be shipped to the Ukraine once the game is over.

There are many people that you could blame for the lack of the Sens success this year, but the truth is that every game was decided beforehand. Ottawa's season was just unlucky as they lost at the game of chance;

While this season (and game preview) has been rather smelly, remember that there's always the draft and we have a lot of cap space for free agents! ...well at least we're winning in the cost per point department! Let's end this season on a high note and beat the Lightning!

(Editor's Note: There are still 13 long 60 minute games left after this one)
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