A Detailed Breakdown of Questions Posed to Eugene Melnyk on Twitter

by Bonk's Mullet

It hasn't been an easy year for Sens fans: Losing their franchise hero, being promised a cup run by the media, and then falling flat on their faces right out of the gate.

Thankfully, the Ottawa Senators have an owner in Eugene Melnyk who cares. An owner who is willing to stick his neck out for his fans. An owner who is willing to publicly embarrass himself routinely so that by comparison, the on-ice product seems affable. After 81 games, Melnyk hasn't lost his resolve.

On Sunday afternoon, Melnyk made a promise to Sens fans:

How thoughtless of him to take time out of his daily schedule to --
Okay, so he's not taking time out of his schedule per se, but at least he's making an effort.

As you might expect, many fans chomped at the bit to ask their #fearless owner about the future of the franchise. The old expression says, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Apparently Sens fans weren't in the mood to catch anything of Eugene Melnyk's as they came with vinegar-loaded super soakers.

I've saved you the trouble of sifting through the answers and by breaking down the most common responses to Melnyk's question.

Questions about the "Internal Cap"

With the potential to be a strong playoff contender, fans weren't happy to see the Sens in the bottom 5 in league-spending to start the season. After 81 games, the fans aren't any happier. How can even-smaller-market teams like Winnipeg, Carolina, Columbus, Phoenix, Nashville, Edmonton, and Buffalo out-spend the Ottawa Senators? Fans demanded answers! Like, lots and lots of fans demanded answers.

Dan's still a believer though!

It's evident that fans are tired of Melnyk's "reasoning" that spending to the cap doesn't guarantee results. If Melnyk doesn't start spending quickly, those pitchforks will turn into pitchfork cannons and nobody wants to see th-- actually that would be pretty neat.


Have you heard about this Daniel Alfredsson guy? Long-time beloved franchise player turned captain turned demi-God? A fair number of questions directed to Melnyk inquired as to what went wrong with Alfie.

Everyone is still upset about the loss of Alfie in some capacity. Some blame the team, some blame Alfredsson himself, and most blame both. I'm on #TeamAlfie on this one. Yes, he left for more money, and yes, he left for a team that he deemed more likely to win the cup, despite being what seemed to be equal on paper to start the year. But Alfie saw first-hand that Melnyk had no commitment to winning. It wasn't solely about getting fair dollar for his own talents, but being part of a team with an ownership group that was willing to spend to the cap in order to ice a competitive roster. Not every team that spends to the cap wins the cup (which has been Melnyk's working excuse), but it's virtually impossible to win the cup without spending the cap. (While I'm at it, I'm profoundly on #TeamAlfie for the playoffs.)

After cap-spending and Alfie-losing, there were also a fair number of questions asking to switch to the heritage jerseys full time, re-sign the big-name free agents, to reveal the results of the forensic investigation, to give away free season tickets, and to move the arena downtown. Literally nobody would be upset with any of these things, and it's likely none of them will happen!

Now let's get to the fun stuff!

Sens Fans Are Weird

As someone who sees a fair amount of traffic to a website named after a middling-talent player from the 90's with questionable hair taste, I can assure you that Sens fans are a strange bunch. This was only made more apparent to me when sifting through your questions to Melnyk.
I know fans have been asking for more cohesion in the dressing room, but that's just ridiculous. I dug a little deeper found out that he and his fiancée are adorable and I wish them the best!

Moving on, there were also conspiracy theorists...


...and whatever this is:

But some fans just wanted to know the real Eugene.

And then there was Kevin 

But nobody caught my eye as much as Kevin. Kevin is the kind of sports fan this city needs. Passionate, angry, inquisitive, and totally off his rocker.

And now that we're friends...


I'll leave the conclusion to friend of the blog Graeme Nichols of the6thSens.com. As he so often does, he dropped a truth-bomb so succinct, I don't know how Melnyk doesn't answer it.
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