What if the Sens Were Pokemon? - Alternate Title: It's Going to be a Long Summer

By Kevin Lee

What if the Sens were Pokemon? Who would they be? Well we did an in-depth analysis to figure it out! We apologize for excluding our readers over the mental age of 16 (which consists solely of Bonk's Mullet's grandmother).

Gotta Stache 'Em All!

Jason Spezza - Exeggutor
Jason Spezza may not be the quickest player around, but they've always said he has eyes in the back of his head.

Mika Zibanejad - Pikachu
Mika Zibanejad has been one of the Sens most electric players, which has earned him the nickname "Mikachu."

Milan Michalek - Chansey
Milan Michalek was completely healthy this season!? There's only one explanation for that.

Patrick Wiercioch - Meowth
Having spent the majority of the season in the press box, Patrick Wiercioch really didn't have much else to do but sit back and count the money coming in from his new contract.

Colin Greening - Snorlax
Colin Greening is a big body, but he's turned out to be pretty useless... that is unless you make him mad!

Erik Condra - Metapod

All defence, no offence, and no hands!

Bobby Ryan, Kyle Turris, and Clarke MacArthur -
Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos
The Sens' best line this season, MacTurryan/Ryan MacTurris/Turry MacRyan was essentially a legendary trio for the team. Bobby Ryan didn't lie when he said he was "Coming In Hot!".

Chris Phillips and Cody Ceci - Kangaskhan
When Cody Ceci was called up, Chris Phillips immediately became his mentor. They literally became attached at the hip during their time in Ottawa.

Jared Cowen - Magikarp

A large majority of people thought Cowen looked like a fish out of water this season. We don't disagree.

Mark Stone - Geodude

Talk about hands of Stone and a lack of footspeed.

Mike Hoffman and Jean-Gabriel Pageau - Doduo
Arguably two of the fastest Senators, both having ended the season in Ottawa. Only fitting they belong together with two quick feet.

Matt Kassian - Hitmonchan
Matt Kassian's only job is to fight and we know how much he hates tight pants. We think it's a good look for you, Matt!

Craig Anderson - Exeggcute
His head looks like an egg.

Erik Karlsson - Pidgeot
Erik Karlsson rises above every challenge and flies past the opposing team. Plus, check out that flow!
Robin Lehner - Gyarados
Those Lehner eyes... so intimidating. Watch out for Leer! It will definitely lower your defense.

Zack Smith - Raticate
Zack Smith is probably the biggest rodent on the Ottawa Senators.

Marc Methot - Jynx
Marc Methot deals with Twitter trolls all day, only fitting he would be the Pokemon that I swear Nintendo made just to troll us.

Chris Neil - Primeape
He's not as wild as he was in his younger Mankey days, but Chris Neil is still willing to put up a fight.

Eric Gryba - Rhydon
Eric Gryba is a big body with solid defense, and Rhydon really seems like the type to go out and hunt all the smaller ones.

Ales Hemsky - Abra
The Sens thought they had a solid catch in Ales Hemsky. Unfortunately, he teleported away.
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