Methot extension talks stall due to "sleeveless jersey" demands

by Mike Wheeler

Marc Methot looking good in his new jersey. Photo courtesy of Matty Go Sens.

The Ottawa Senators are in the middle of a very public contract negotiation with injured star defenceman Marc Methot. In September, Methot's agent Larry Kelly stated that the two sides were only $300,000 away from reaching an agreement. While this doesn't seem like much of a hurdle to overcome in the context of a typical NHL contract, new information is coming forward that seems to indicate the two sides are further apart than ever. But it's not because of money, the Senators are having a hard time meeting Methot's other demands which include a new sleeveless jersey.

"It's pretty unheard of," said Senators GM, Bryan Murray speaking with the media this week. "It's not even about the money anymore. I asked Eugene to sell another horse on the black market, so we're fine there. We're just having a heck of a time figuring out the logistics of this jersey with no sleeves thing for him."

Kelly responded by saying that they had already reached out to Reebok and have been working with them on a prototype, "They have been very accommodating and they were very excited to collaborate with Marc on this project. The sleeveless jersey will allow the freedom of movement that the best players are looking for while giving the fans a special treat, if you know what I mean!" Surprisingly, when reached for comment, the NHL says they are fine with this.

The sleeveless jersey is not the only sticking point in the negotiations. This week, Murray expressed that Methot has made other demands that have been equally difficult to meet: "I don't know what Crazy Horse is or why someone would want a lifetime pass to it, but it's really not something our organization has any control over." Murray also stated his confusion when Methot asked for a seat in Bobby Ryan's All-Star Kids suite, "Initially, I was thrilled because I thought he meant he was going to be donating a suite to children in need like Bobby did. But it turned out he just wanted his own seat in Bobby's box to watch the games while he's injured."

The longer these contract talks go unresolved, the situation gets worse not only for a Senators organization that is trying to prove they can attract and retain top free agents, but also for the fans who happen to be ticket holders for the gun show or are python enthusiasts.
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