Report: Alfredsson Signs One Day Contract to Retire as a New York Islander

by Mike Wheeler

The newest member of the New York Islanders, Daniel Alfredsson, announces his retirement. Photo courtesy of Matty Go Sens

Over the past week, it has become clear that former Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson's playing career is behind him. Rumours of his retirement have been circulating recently with most speculating that the fan-favourite was in the process of making arrangements to return to the city in which he spent most of his career to make amends and retire as an Ottawa Senator. Understandably, many were surprised when Alfredsson signed a one day contract to retire as a New York Islander.

The announcement came earlier this morning when Islanders general manager Garth Snow presented Alfredsson with the symbolic one-day contract prior to the star making official the end of his nineteen-year NHL career. Several members of the confused media asked Alfredsson why he chose to retire as an Islander. "There are a lot of things to like about this club. They're a great young team and John [Tavares] is a great leader. And I would have been really excited to play along side him or Brock Nelson or any of those guys if I weren't retiring."

The media waited in silence for further explanation from the five-time olympian. "John took me for a drive and told me about the core of great guys that they've been able to put together here and he really believes they'll be chasing the Cup soon. This is the kind of team I would have loved to play for."

Alfredsson signs his one day contract alongside Islanders GM Garth Snow. Photo courtesy of Matty Go Sens.

Alfredsson, who has over 1,100 career points, politely deflected questions about why he chose to retire as an Islander as opposed to a Senator. "I mean, you just have to look up to the rafters to see the kind of history that, if I weren't retiring, would be very exciting to be a part of. I had some good car rides with [Islanders owner] Charles Wang, and he made it clear that this is a franchise that is committed to winning. It would have been great to be a part of such a stable organization, were my career not over as of a few minutes ago."

Back in Ottawa, Senators owner Eugene Melnyk seemed unfazed by the move. "We have an announcement of our own to make: We're proud to announce that we've signed P.J. Axelsson to a one day contract. His number 11 will be raised to the rafters...well... right now. We've only got the banner raising crew booked until 4."

"I don't know who any of you are." - P.J. Axelsson
Melnyk continued, "Axie wasn't quite as significant to the Ottawa community, but his name is quite a bit shorter, which cuts down on banner costs too." Former athletes but not Senators Alexei Yagudin and Jiri Fischer were in attendance for the press conference.

The Islanders organization also announced that they plan to retire Alfredsson's number 11 on March 24th when they face off against the Minnesota Wild.
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