The Week Ahead: Yes we're still doing these edition

by Joe Boughner, George Marshall and Bring Back Lee

Hello friends.

When we last spoke in this moderately-amusing and occasionally-consistent format we were discussing which of the grizzled vets would be traded first; Andrew Hammond was poised to be an amusing footnote in an otherwise forgettable season; and the Sens were hitting the road for a tank-friendly road trip.

So what did we miss?

Last week's record

  • 3-0-1 

This week's matchups

  • Tuesday vs. Boston
  • Thursday @ Montreal
  • Saturday @ New York Islanders
  • Sunday vs. Philadelphia

Storylines to watch

Thank goodness we're playing good teams

A quick look at this week's schedule shows two teams that the Senators are battling for a playoff spot and two more that sit atop their respective divisions. Thank goodness, eh? After sputtering against the Sabres (!!) and the overachieving Calgary Flames, the Sens get back to playing against strong teams, just like they did when this crazy run kicked off.

Just remember, kids, if this Cinderella story ends at midnight on April 11, Carolina and Dallas beat us twice this year.

How to hate the Bruins

As important it is that Ottawa wins a lot of hockey games, Sens fans will have to cheer equally hard for the Bruins to lose. We here at RBM know it can be a challenge to find reasons to hate other teams so we set our Little Johnny, our Research Intern, into the depths of NHL lore to dig up the dirtiest dirt on our rivals from Beantown.

Turns out Brad Marchand is still on their roster so that was pretty easy. Johnny, you're fired.

Oh also the Bruins are big bullies.
Here we see Chara taking candy from a small child.

He wasn't traded. Will he be extended?

First Alfie, then Spezza, will our beloved Condra leave us too? On his way to being a free agent this summer, Condra has found a way into our hearts (and also the lineup) through strong possession numbers and crappy everything else. Knowing how this organization seems to avoid analytics we may not see him back next year. If that's the case make sure you direct a drink at your mouth but end up pouring it on the floor, in his honour.

Parting shots

  • Statline of the week: 20,000 - Number of free hamburgers consumed by Chris Phillips at the Big Rig during injury rehab.
  • Imagined Sun headline of the week: "Trouble Bruin!"
  • What Sens fans will be complaining about on Twitter: How Dave Cameron killed Hammond's hot streak by starting Anderson.

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