bRian's Bodycheckz - Episode 1 - 2016 Senators Season Preview

by bRian

Good evening Sens fans.  I knew being a sports anchor was my calling, even at the tender age of 3. As you will witness, my first real gig as a sports anchor is so incredible, it'll make Glen Healy blush. I bring the goods. I meet the demands. I ask the questions Ian Mendes is afraid to ask. Quite simply, I bring you the truth. My one wish is that Curtis Lazar sees this video and decides to be my best friend. me. We could go for food, like we can maybe get a basic pizza. Or we can just buy some chips...Cool Ranch, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, your choice. Maybe have a few ice cream bars. As long as it's pizza though. And yes, you can bring Mark Stone along. Just tell him there'll be no eye contact.

Here's episode 1 of my 1265 part series, bRianz Bodycheckz:


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