Sens' marketing team "a bit ticked" at election headline puns

by Joe Boughner (@McLlwainsWorld)

OTTAWA - A frustrated marketing team met at the Canadian Tire Centre this morning for what unnamed insider called "a good old fashioned pitch and bitch."

"Obviously we don't get too involved in politics," the unnamed senior marketing official said. "But we're all a bit ticked that Team Trudeau took all the good red puns already."

As papers across the country reported on Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party and its electoral dominance, many lead their stories with the sort of clever wordplay usually associated with the Ottawa Senators marketing efforts.

A stack of these posters was
found in a Kanata dumpster.
"I mean, Red October? The Red Wave? It's like they saw our rally towel mockups," the source vented.

"His name is Justin, why couldn't they stick to classics like 'This Just In - Justin's In' or 'Justin Time! Those are 'Be Red' levels of perfection!'"

While unwilling to share what's left in their bag of tricks, the unnamed official waxed poetically on a decision made two years ago that may "give us some wiggle room."

"Thank jimminies we branched out after the rebuild," he added. "There's probably still some mileage left in 'Fearless' and 'Young and Hungry' - wait, the Cape Breton Post ran 'Young and Hungry?' Trudeau's older than Phillips for crying out loud!"

"Curse his matinee idol looks and chiseled jaw! Curse them!"

The Senators resume their home stand on Thursday as they play host the New Jersey Devils. Fans are being encouraged to Wear Red (TM).

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