Bonk's Mullet Reader Prediction Poll - October

by Bonk's Mullet

Editor's note: I'm taking part in the Sens Extra prediction panel every game this year. Check it out here. My only goal is to destroy Mendes.

It's that time of year: prediction season. It's a type of mental masturbation where writers pick their favourite teams and players, and there's nothing you can do to tell them they're wrong. And of course, come playoff time, 99 out of 100 articles are trashed, never to be seen again, while that one lucky writer "Don Cherries" his work (the act of selectively showing off only the predictions for which you were correct).

And now it's your chance to do the same! Every month, we'll lay out a series of questions, and you, the reader are given a chance to strut your stuff. We'll declare a winner each month, and we'll even keep standings! Scoring will be completely arbitrary and inconsistent.

So here's your official Bonk's Mullet Reader Prediction Poll for the month of October:
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