Bonk's Rebuild

by Bonk's Mullet

People have been asking me all week, "Who will be the new Sens captain? When will Bobby re-sign? Does Marc Methot own a shirt with sleeves? When will Bonk's Mullet announce their new bloggers?"

I can answer the two most pressing questions with "no," and "right now!"

The Bad News

Before I get to our newest members, we unfortunately have to bid farewell to everyone's favourite creepy uncle/Sens blogger, Chet Sellers. Chet has decided to leave the blog to spend more time with his six(?), maybe seven(?) daughters in an effort to win his ex-wife back. If that doesn't work out, he has informed us he will pursue his lifelong passion of ant farming. Rumours that he is leaving to become a Red Wings blogger are unconfirmed.

Chet took a chance on me back when I started this site a year and a half ago, and he ended up being the driving force behind the blog. Chet's posts always received the most positive feedback, and the Sens blogosphere will be sorely lacking until he gets back to writing, wherever that may be! All the best to you, Chet! His entire blog roll can be found here. I've been told that there is more in store for the world famous Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast, so not all hope is lost.

Luke will also be taking a temporary leave of absence from blogging until the new year. He's taking a trip to the farthest corners of the world to learn the secrets of Sens comedy writing from the ancients. Let him know if you know of any good hostels in Shawville.

The Good News

We put out a call for new bloggers and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mountain of applications. Thanks to all those who applied. I'm proud to announce that at this time we're adding four new members to the site (with possibly more to come). Much like the Sens, we're hoping that a gluttony of one-way deals will cause some friendly competition on the roster.

We will be introducing one new cast member every day this week with a blog post and a bio, starting on Tuesday. The Senturion I hired didn't show up, so I'll have to announce the newest Bonk's Mullet members myself:

Matt "Go Sens" Gervais: @Gerv_Rebrand

George Marshall: @GMarshall3 

Mike Wheeler: @TheMikeWheeler

Charles Campbell: @CCamp87 

Give them a follow on Twitter! They might not be household names right now, but I can remember way back when "Erik Condra" and "Mike Hoffman" weren't household names either, and look how they turned out.

We can't wait to get the season started. See you tomorrow!

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