Sens Money on the Board: Canadian Forces Appreciation Night

by Bonk's Mullet

In reaction to the shootings in Ottawa on October 22nd, the first Sens Money on the Board of the 2014-2015 season will be dedicated to Canadian Military members and their families. In partnership with the Ottawa Senators Foundation, we celebrate the Ottawa Senators' annual Canadian Forces Appreciation night by asking that you make pledges for Saturday's game against the Winnipeg Jets. All proceeds will go to the Canadian Military Families Fund via the Sens Foundation.

Never heard of Sens Money on the Board? It's easy: Make a pledge for something to happen during the game, and if it happens, make the donation. For example, pledge $6.50 for each Erik Karlsson goal, $10 if Chris Neil fights, or $50 for an Ottawa Senators win. You can get as creative or uncreative as you'd like. All the information you need can be found here. Here's how to participate:

Sens Money on the Board Pledge/Donation Instructions

  1. Pledge: Make your pledge for Ottawa vs. Winnipeg on Saturday, November 8th with this form.
  2. Share: Tweet your pledge to @SensMotB or share with the hashtag #SensMotB.
  3. Watch: Watch the game and keep track of your pledge!
  4. Check: Check the result of your pledge on this spreadsheet (Note: There is one tab on the spreadsheet per game, including last season).
  5. DonateDonation form available here. Feel free to donate at any time without making a pledge. Ignore the information above the donation form, as most of it is out of date!
Over $14,000 has been donated to the Sens Foundation through Sens Money on the Board since April 2013. If you're interested in donating prizes to be given away to those who donate, please contact Eric Doty at

Thanks again everyone. Please share this with your friends, families, pets, co-workers, and sworn enemies! Let's make it a big night!
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