#SensMotB: Sens and Leafs

by Bonk's Mullet

In honour of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, whose life was taken in Ottawa on October 22, 2014, we will hold another Sens Money on the Board game tonight. This game holds special significance as the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs were scheduled to play on the day of the tragedy. This tragedy went beyond hockey and the game was rescheduled for tonight.

All funds raised during tonight's game will be donated to the Canadian Military Families Fund via the Sens Foundation. We encourage everyone from both fan bases to participate in the event. 

The concept is simple: Following the instructions below, make a pledge for an in game event. For example, pledge $8.10 for a Phil Kessel goal, $10 for a Chris Neil fight, or $20 for your team to win.

During last night's Sens-Jets game, over $1000 was raised for the Canadian Military Families Fund, despite the lack of scoring in the game. We hope to add a significant amount to that total tonight. If you wish to carry over your pledge from last night's game, please tweet at @SensMotB.

Additional information can be found here. Here's how to participate:

Sens Money on the Board Pledge/Donation Instructions

  1. Pledge: Make your pledge for Ottawa vs. Toronto on Sunday, November 9th with this form. All donations made to the Sens Foundation for Saturday and Sunday's games will be given to the Canadian Military Families Fund.
  2. Share: Tweet your pledge to @SensMotB or share with the hashtag #SensMotB.
  3. Watch: Watch the game and keep track of your pledge!
  4. Check: Check the result of your pledge on this spreadsheet (Note: There is one tab on the spreadsheet for each SensMotB game this season).
  5. DonateDonation form available here. Feel free to donate at any time without making a pledge. Ignore the information above the donation form for the time being, as some of it is out of date.
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