Week 6 Preview: Pretend we made a clever Pet Shop Boys pun here

by Dr. Flappy and the Sunshine Sextet

It's been said that life is peaceful there, in the open air where the skies are blue. So after a crazy-long homestand, the boys in red and black are headed west (not to be confused with the REDBLACKS, who've all gone home after their debut season ended last week. Bonk's Mullet: Your source for several-day-old CFL scoops). 

Put the kids to bed, set the PVR for Blue Nuit and put on a pot of coffee, Sens fans, we're looking at Hockey After Dark this week - west coast style.

Stories to watch

Nov 11 @ Vancouver

The Canucks will be entering this week with heavy hearts but, perhaps, something new to play for after the twins that defined this franchise for the better part of a decade announced that this season will be their last. That's right, sports fans, after entertaining and delighting GM Place Rogers Arena with their skill passion season after season, the most famous twin-act in sports is stepping out of the limelight. I speak, of course, of the Green Men

Will the Green Men find the strength to pelvicthrustupon any Sens who are sent to the box to feel shame (Neil)? Will the Canucks rally around their twin heroes? Will the Sedins also somehow be involved? Find out Tuesday in (Pacific) prime time.

Edit: Bobby Ryan just significantly raised the stakes on Tuesday night's game: 
We weren't going to run another Sens Money on the Board night until December, but when Bobby Ryan pledges $1,000 per Kyle Turris goal, you run another Sens Money on the Board night. You can pledge or donate here to get in on the action.

Nov 13 @ Edmonton

These guys need a centre and a defenceman. Haaaaavvvvveee you met Zack and Patrick?

At the time of writing, the Oilers have just won two games in a row. Now, giving the schedule the ol' eyeball test, that means that Edmonton is due for six or seven consecutive losses. Good news for the Sens! Having said that, this is going to be a late game on a Thursday, so you're probably going to be asleep for most of it anyway. You've got to get up early on Friday morning and Thursdays always seem rough at work for some reason, so it's more than likely that you're not going to see a whole lot of this game. Just catch the highlights in the morning and play it off like you actually did watch it and you just thought it was an uneventful game. No one will notice.

Will the Sens face the good Oilers or the bad Oilers? Will the commentators drone on and on about "all that talent" the Oilers have up front despite not really having that much talent up front? Will Sens fans let out a collective, contented sigh when we see Benoit "There But For The Grace of MacTavish Go I" Pouliot lumber around the ice with a $4-million piano strapped to his back? Tune in Thursday to find out!

Nov 15 @ Calgary

At least one of us has got a buddy from Alberta who is a huge Flames fan (don't we all?). And said buddy summed up the team this way, heading into the year: "There's Mark Giordano and everyone else is trash." Well that pile of trash has stormed out of the gate to the tune of a 9-6-2 record, good enough for third in the Pacific Division. There hasn't been this much optimism in Calgary since a few seconds before Martin Gelinas did didn't did didn't score in game six of the 2004 Stanley Cup final.

Can Johnny "Hockey" Gaudreau continue his torrid pace in the race for the Calder? Can Jonas Hiller continue to keep both vertigo and hockey pucks at bay? Will my buddy ever stop chirping me if the Sens lose this one? Sorry Father, I'm going to be late for church on Sunday, I gots some hockey to watch.

Wrap up 

  • Current record: 7-4-3
  • Team injuries: Methot (back); Lehner (pride)
  • Fancy stat of the week: $2,180.09 raised for the Military Families Fund by Sens (and some Leafs) fans through #SensMotB.
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