Marc Methot is... The Arrow

by Kevin Lee

My name is Marc Methot. After half a season with a hellish injury, I have come home with only one goal, to save my city.

What has Marc Methot been up to these past three months? We reached out to our numerous sources and one of them finally got back to us. It turns out that he is The Arrow! Marc Methot... genius, millionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and superhero. Don't believe us? Check out the investigative work we did to confirm this rumour.

Our contact provided us with this image taken during his "contract negotiations."

Sign it and you're free to go!

With all the buzz surrounding Todd Bertuzzi, we decided to dig into his past. Turns out these two have met in the past and Bertuzzi is trying to return to Ottawa to exact his revenge.

Remember me!
Of course, every superhero needs his partner. It's usually someone you least expect, and oh was it ever.

Lace 'em up bro
One can only hope he will run into Eugene Melnyk and utter the line "You have failed this city!"

You can't recognize me with the green eye shadow
UPDATE: We've just been informed there is another masked superhero in the Ottawa Senators organization!

Mike Hoffman is The Flash
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