Report: Noise Meter Repairs Hurting Sens Financially

by Steve On Sens

The Ottawa Senators are reporting losses due to the Noise Meter

OTTAWA - It is no secret that the Ottawa Senators are losing money these days. Despite making the playoffs in both 2012 and 2013, Eugene Melnyk has reported losses which has left many to speculate about his future involvement with the team. Facing the tough financial predicament, Melnyk has reportedly installed an internal salary cap which has been accused of leading to lackluster play on the ice.

At a press conference today, Senators President Cyril Leeder explained the real cause of the financial struggles.

"It’s the Noise Meter," Leeder explained. "We can’t afford to replace it after every game," stated the Senators President.

Appearing on Toronto Radio Station the FAN 590, Owner Eugene Melnyk explained, "It’s very, very easy to make noise. Any idiot can do it. Lots of idiots do." 

Back in Ottawa, Leeder told reporters that fans would need to be quieter in order for the team to break even. Asked by Ottawa Sun reporter Bruce Garrioch on whether the monetary losses will affect on ice product, Leeder responded by saying, "Every time I see that meter approach the limit, I get nervous that we’ll have to put Condra or Wiercioch on waivers to compensate for losses."

Leeder chose to not put a number on how much repair costs were for each meter, but told TSN’s Brent Wallace that "the Greening contract isn’t helping our repair budget."

Before leaving to attend a photo op with Mayor Jim Watson, Leeder somberly stated, "Although our slogan is 'FEARLESS', I am fearful that the Noise Meter will be gone soon."
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