Phillips: "I will help this team win by any means necessary"

by Mike Wheeler

Controversy fell upon the Ottawa Senators last month as new head coach Dave Cameron made the bold decision to scratch veteran defenceman Chris Phillips for the first time in his career. The spurned alternate-captain spoke with the media on Monday and was not afraid to make his thoughts known:

"It's hard sitting out and watching them play. I think it's only natural to want to get back on the ice because I'm here to support the team any way I can, but I know I can help them win. It's a weird feeling, but I know that if they lose, I might get a shot to get back in the lineup and help us win. If the team loses five in a row, even better, because I'll be able to come storming back and really help turn it around. I will do anything to help this team win, even if it means losing ten in a row."

Phillips went on to discuss the realities of where he fits into the crowded Senators defensive corps, "It becomes a question of who would I replace? I know Marc (Methot's) got a bad back, so do I intentionally get the floor wet when I'm coming out of the showers hoping that he'll slip on it? Maybe. As professional atheletes, we're all driven by that same fiery passion for the game and we all just want to get out there and play. By any means necessary." Bewilderingly, Phillips repeated the words 'by any means necessary' slowly and flatly through gritted teeth.
Artist's rendering (Courtesy of @Capital_Gains65)

The 36 year-old defenceman also spoke about how he has spent a lot of time over the last few weeks watching games with former head coach Paul MacLean in the press box, "He's a great guy and we've both been feeling a lot of the same things lately. And so we get to talking, if Dave Cameron were in some kind of skiing accident - God forbid - of course, Paul would absolutely want to step in to help the team win. Have I ever poisoned Patrick Wiercioch's vanilla bean latte? No. Would I be upset if someone did and I had to draw back into the lineup to help the team win? It's conflicting. I would be sad for Patty, but at the same time, not sad for me personally. So if you think of it that way, it's really not all that appalling."

There is an unconfirmed rumour that Phillips tied Gryba to a railroad track. (Courtesy of @Capital_Gains65)

Unprovoked, Phillips continued, "I mean - gun to my head - if you told me that I could cause some kind of bodily harm to Erik Karlsson and I would be guaranteed to be the new captain, it's a little awkward to say, but yes, of course I would. I think, given the opportunity, any of these guys in our dressing room would turn on one another to give this team a chance to win. It's just the nature of the game."
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