Hey guys, it's Chet

The international blogging debut of Twitter enigma Chet Sellers

THE PHONE RANG. How he got the number I’ll never know.

“Chet, I need your help extending my personal brand.” He sounded like he’d been awake for days.

“Your real one, or your online one?”

“I don’t even know the difference any more. This must be how Lady Gaga feels.”

 “Of course.”

“I’ve taken the irreversible step of starting a blog, Chet. It’s like Twitter, but a lot longer, and you have to convince people on Twitter to open a new tab to read it.”

“I’m in, but only if I can work for free.”

“I insist on it, Chet. This vanilla Stoli doesn’t buy itself.”

THERE IS AN ADAGE, I assume, that probably goes something like “the day your season ends is the day your season begins.” It’s only when things are at their lowest that a team develops an identity. As the president of a relatively unsuccessful party supply company which is currently hemorrhaging accounts, it’s something I try to remind myself and my remaining staff on a near-daily basis.

It’s also something that should be brought to mind by the 2013 Ottawa Senators. This is a team for whom the season ended some time in February, probably when Craig Anderson was carried off the ice to join Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek, and Jared Cowen on injured reserve. That left a roster full of young Swedes, mid-pack AHL prospects, and a French Canadian with whiplash. And that’s when the season began.

The Senators host Game 3 of a second-round playoff series against the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. For the first time in nearly four months, all of those injured players will dress. And sitting in an 0-2 hole against the deepest team in hockey, wildest expectations long surpassed, elimination looking more and more likely, it’s a good time to remember: the day your season ends is the day your season begins.


AS IT IS TRUE for the Senators, as it is true for my company, Who Partied?, it brings us to “Radek Bonk’s Mullet: An Ottawa Senators Humour Site”. Brand extension or not, there is a certain lunacy to starting a blog perhaps only days before the season ends and Senators fans disperse for the summer, seeking disappointment elsewhere. 

Or perhaps it is the perfect time. The day your season ends, after all. 

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