Operation "Get Mullet's Autograph" - A Journey In Pictures

by SensForLife11

Everyone knows Radek Bonk's Mullet, the famous Senators Twitter personality who is being constantly hounded by the local media thanks to his work with #SensMotB.
One of his tweets that stuck with me was a virtual autograph he supplied to an adoring fan.

From that moment on I had to get the real thing myself for my Senators memorabilia collection! When I heard that the Sens Foundation was inviting RBM's to Ottawa for Game 4 I saw my window of opportunity open! I even found the perfect hockey card to get signed!

You can see the mullet!
First thing's first I had to make sure that he was one of those friendly celebrities who was cool and friendly with his fans. If not, there was no way I'd be able to get an autograph. Being my birthday I sent him the typical celebrity Twitter RT request to see if he would respond and he blew me away with RT and a response!
This made me very confident that I decided to tell all of Twitter that I was undergoing this campaign to get his autograph!
Upon arriving at SBP, I was distracted by what appeared to be a Spartacat that was made in China! As if fake jerseys weren't enough, they're even producing mascots now!

Made in China
I then turned around to see a vintage Jean-Gabriel Pageau jersey! This guy was way ahead of the times!
Why does it say Eaves?
I continued walking and while passing the Team 1200 booth I noticed a past Sens player sitting there. It was Todd White. At this moment I almost threw operation "Get Mullet's Autograph" out the window and was on the verge of changing it to operation "Get White's Autograph". However, sanity took over and I realised Todd White will always be in Ottawa, RBM's on the other hand...
You're no Radek Bonk's Mullet!
So just as I was about to head into the building, I saw this jersey and I had to take a pic.
As Matt Kassian would say, "Hipster"
I'm never leaving this plaza am I? I finally decide to head into the building and locate RBM. However, in the corner of my eye I catch another Senators celebrity. However, this is one I have no interest in engaging.
I finally enter the building and spend the next hour attempting to locate RBM. Unfortunately it appears that he had media obligations to fulfill and I was unable to find him. I head to my seat to watch the first period, sobbing quietly to myself that I wasn't able to complete this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, with the period over I decide to take a look at his live blog. AND BEHOLD HE HAS BLOGGED WHERE HE IS SITTING.

I run at full speed to his seats and there he is, the mullet himself. Shaking with anticipation, I ask for his autograph, not once but twice. Being the generous soul he is, he had no problem signing both. Unfortunately, being so giddy I forgot to take pictures/video of him doing so! There may be no visual proof, but here are the autographed cards in all their glory!

Honestly, how awesome is his autograph!? The mullet on the "R", who else but RBM's could think of such creative ways of signing. Getting home though, I realise this campaign should be for charity. I have contacted Radek Bonk's Mullet and he will decide on a way to use these two autographed cards to raise money for #SensMotB. Perhaps an auction, I'm sure these will sell quite high... or maybe a draw, I'm sure we would get thousands of entries. Stay tuned for the final decision and the opportunity to land yourself one of these rare gems!
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