Ottawa Senators GIF of the Year: Top 16 - Group C

by SensForLife11

We here at are trying to decide on the Sens GIF of the year. We've managed to narrow it down to 16 of our favourites. We are leaving it up to you, our readers, to vote using our prepared bracket to determine the winner.

This is the third of four posts for the top 16. Note that we made the decision to only include GIFs that don't involve photoshop, i.e. "real life." In case you missed the Group A match-ups or Groub B match-ups, there's still time to vote.

These two match-ups feature Regin's top moment this season against Bishop's reason for wanting out and a pair of Silfverberg fan favourites.

Note: If your GIFs are freezing, right-click them and open them in a new tab.

Regin Stick Throw
Bishop Hanging

Silfverberg Little Kid

Silfverberg Facial Expression
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