Photoshop Gameday Preview - Ottawa @ Toronto

by Steve On Sens and Capital Gains

[Editor's note: We're doing our second Sens Money on the Board game of the season for tonight's game against the Leafs. And we have a real prize of actual value: Every donation of $40 or more enters you into a draw for a heritage classic Robin Lehner jersey. To make your pledge, use this form. Thanks!]

In two meetings this season, the Senators have fallen both times to the Toronto Maple Leafs in a shootout. Entering tonight's game, both teams have had stretches of success that have led them into (or just in sight) of a playoff spot. Tonight's game promises to be a good one! If you want a bit of backstory for tonight's game, check out Chet's "A Brief History of the Battle of Ontario". Let's take a peek at the story lines!

Potential Storylines

Sens captain Jason Spezza stopped by Toronto City Hall and said hi to fellow giggler Rob Ford. Spezza said that tickling Ford reminded him of tickling his brother Matt when he was just a young boy.

"Who's a good boy Rob?"
"I am!"
"Who's a number 1 Centre?"
"You are hehehe ooo stop!"
While in Ontario's capital city, a few Senators came together and headed out on the CN Tower Edge Walk. Conacher was planning on going but there was a minimum height requirement to enter. Poor Cory.

Condra would never MISS this great of an opportunity. 

Matt Kassian stopped at the Air Canada Centre to enjoy some of its famous sushi. Kassian was just glad to avoid another evening of hot dogs. The forward will be back to it Monday night in Pittsburgh. 

Kassian wearing an iPod Shuffle while eating sushi. Move aside Methot. New hipster in town.

When Bobby Ryan was acquired in a trade in July, he specifically told the media that he would not be able to fill Daniel Alfredsson's spot in the lineup. "I don't think there's anyone who's going to take that place" said Ryan at the time. It seems that Ryan's stance has changed because he was spotted practicing his stick tosses.

Ryan just needs to hit Tucker for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!
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