A Brief History of the Battle of Ontario

by Chet Sellers

If the Senators actually have a home game this Saturday night, it must mean the Leafs are in town. Tomorrow's game is an important divisional matchup the Senators need to win to stay within shouting distance of a playoff spot, but it's not likely to reach the levels of animosity the Senators and Leafs regularly exhibited during the Battle of Ontario.

What's the Battle of Ontario, you ask? Thanks for asking. The Battle of Ontario was a rivalry between the Senators and Leafs that either lasted from 2000-2004 (if you're a Leafs fan) or never actually ended (if you're a Sens fan). The Leafs always got the better of the Senators when the stakes were highest, but after almost a decade since these two teams last met in the playoffs, most of the drama in this rivalry has shifted from the ice to the stands, between Sens fans and Sens season ticket-holders who keep selling their tickets to Leafs fans.

As background for tomorrow night, then, let our audio recap above take you through the highs and lows of the Battle of Ontario as it actually happened. Enjoy!

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