Game Summary - Game 62: Colin Greening's Current Team @ Colin Greening's Future Team

By Luke Peristy

It's trade season and everything is happening. First, Ottawa put Joe Corvo and Cory Conacher on waivers, a move that was met with garment-rending, hand-wringing, and other hyphenated words. Then the Canucks and Senators traded two AHL calibre players for each other. Then the Flyers traded for a player that advanced stats hate, but scouts love because the Flyers are a Shakespearean tragedy. Having finally gotten *looks up name from sheet of paper*  Patrick Mullen off the team payroll, the Canucks then traded Roberto Luongo hours later. That's right, there's a Canadian team making crazy trades and that team is not the Ottawa Senators. This seems like uncharted territory, but fear not, brave internet, for there is still tomorrow...

In the mean time, players are going to "play the game", specifically in Edmonton. There was a popular hockey phrase back in the 80's that went something like "If you want to be considered a contender in the NHL, you've got to be able to beat Edmonton in Edmonton." and folks, in a way, that phrase is just as true today as it was in the 1980's. If Ottawa wants to convince anyone that they're for real this season, they've got to take care of business in Edmonton tonight. It could be the difference between being 1 point out of a playoff spot and being 5 points out of a playoff spot...just like last week. The more things change, eh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let's see how the Senators got on.

1st Period

20:00 - Cory Conacher starts on a line with Jason Spezza, apparently because you want to showcase your players the day before they can be picked up on waivers.

18:07 - Kyle Turris is caught admiring a pass and gets absolutely smoked into the boards by Jeff Petry. Seriously, he got hit so hard, David Rundblad could feel it. Turris is uninjured on the play because he's awesome like that.

14:38 - Jason Spezza wins a draw, takes a pass from Milan Michalek, and scores a goal AKA a Jason Spezza Hat Trick. 1 - 0 Ottawa

8:21 - Edmonton records their first shot of the game. The crowd cheers for this positive development. That's a great hockey crowd they have in Edmonton. They're real intelligent fans... *Makes face as he turns away*

5:30 - Ales Hemsky circumvents Chris Phillips like he's the old salary cap and tucks the puck past Anderson on the powerplay. If Chris Phillips really is like the old salary cap, a new contract should solve everything. Get to work, Bryan! 1 - 1 Tie

3:42 - Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek display some more chemistry in the offensive zone, but Conacher can't finish the play. I guess you can't spell Conacher without "ache"...

Pithy Observation of Questionable Importance: It seemed like it had been forever since I'd watched a game with Dean and Denis commentating, and since I hadn't heard them since before the Olympics, it kinda was. I hope they get the opportunity to call games together on TSN next year. Nothing says "regular season weeknight Sens game" like listening to Dean Brown and Denis Potvin.

2nd Period

17:52 - Denis Potvin talks about the glory days of the Oilers and what a tough building they had to play in back in the 80's. Looks like Denis Potvin reads Bonk's Mullet dot com! *dusts off shoulders*

13:10 - Taylor Hall takes advantage of a Colin Greening giveaway to break in all alone on Craig Anderson. Hall hits the post like it's a Kingston nightclub in the summer. And I would know...

11:02 - Hemsky takes a shot on a screened Craig Anderson and makes it 2 - 1 Edmonton. Trade Stock Watch: Hemsky - Rising, Greening - Already showing great chemistry with Hall, Anderson - Florida already traded for one of their former goalies, so non-existent.

5:03 - Time on Ice Watch: Chris Neil - 8:10, Bobby Ryan - 6:36. Paul Maclean works in mysterious ways. Paul Maclean is a lot like God in that way. Richard Dawkins will probably be publishing "The Maclean Delusion" any day, now.

3:41 - Paul Maclean puts Bobby Ryan back with Turris and MacArthur, and the move almost pays immediate dividends. Only some brilliant goaltending by Ben Scrivens keeps Edmonton ahead. During the intermission, Bobby Ryan expresses frustration about his line being switched "every 10 minutes". Bobby Ryan needs stability to thrive; that's why he could never get comfortable in California. (All the seismologists reading this recap should be laughing right now.)

Pithy Observation of Questionable Importance: This had the potential to be a statement game for Ottawa, and so far the statement is incoherent mumbling while looking down at their feet.

Bobby Ryan trying to ask Shawn McKenzie out.

3rd Period

16:40 - Jason Spezza takes matters into his silky mitts and goes one-on-all the things into the Edmonton zone. He gets a good shot off, but Scrivens is once again equal to the task. Scrivens really pulling out all the stops tonight, which is a phrase that I assume means that he's making a lot of stops.

15:34 - Cody Ceci makes a poor decision while defending an Edmonton rush, and Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle combine to make the score 3 - 1 Edmonton. Leading experts characterize this development as "the worst". Find out more at 11.

12:12 - Colin Greening gets his best chance of the game off an Edmonton turnover. He takes a clapper from the top of the circles and it squeaks through Scrivens but gets swept out of the blue ice on the way to its rightful place in the net. The puck wants to go home, Edmonton! Don't you want the puck to get to its home?!

11:00 - Paul Maclean's spins the Wheel O' Line Combos and comes up with MacArthur-Turris-Ryan and Hoffman-Spezza-Zibanejad. I'm not sure if this is desperation setting in, but that's only because I don't want to admit that Ottawa's most desperate time to date came down two goals in the 3rd vs. Edmonton.

2:55 - Erik Karlsson does an Erik Karlsson Thing, goes through three Oilers, and puts a shot past Scrivens. Ottawa's now only one goal away from not losing to the 2nd worst team in the NHL in one of their most important games of the year. 3 - 2 Edmonton.

2:34 - Ottawa, with momentum firmly on their side, promptly gives up a powerplay because Erik Gryba gets run by Hendricks, takes exception, punches Hendricks, and is assessed a penalty. If you can think of anything funny to say about this, please leave it in the comments because I've got nothing.

51.7 - Jason Spezza draws a late penalty, but the Senators can't equalize on the 6-on-4.

Edmonton wins 3 - 2.

The Wisdom

Let's trade for a 1st round draft pick.
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