Game Summary - Game #70 - Even The Disappointments Are Bigger In Texas

By: Broshenkz

1st Period

18:00 - Noted hockey rodent (but not of the Adnan variety) Antoine Rousell hits Milan Michalek over the boards with a big hit. While it may seem like Michalek was happy to have been dumped over the boards, he was actually just relieved that nobody was there to see it.

17:55 - Sportsnet reveals their highly anticipated "Keys To The Game". Apparently Ottawa needs to "build off momentum", which is really just a nice way of saying "don't f****** blow it this time".

17:00 - Jared Cowen tries to skate the puck out of the Sens' zone but loses control (multi-tasking is hard, folks), Nichushkin picks up the loose puck and feeds Benn who is stopped by a diving Lehner. If that saying of "he owes his goaltender a steak for bailing him out" holds, then Jared Cowen may need to get in contact with Chris Phillips and boyz over at Big Rig for an order of the world's largest steak.

16:33 - Colin Greening makes a pass across the ringette line to Karlsson, who one-times it past Lehtonen. 1-0 Ottawa.
3:16 - Jordie Benn puts Ottawa on the PP. Now, I know we like to joke around here at Bonks Mullet dot com, but let's take a moment to get serious. What the hell sort of name is "Jordie". I mean, that really is an awful name. I bet in the Dallas locker room even players with girl names like Valeri Nichushkin and Kari Lehtonen make fun of his name. Sens would hit the post on the PP.

2nd Period

12:00 - While on the PP, Jamie Benn gets an excellent chance in front off a rebound but is robbed by Lehner. The puck quickly moves the other way, and Ryan makes a stretch pass to Turris just as he jumps out of the box. Turris would hit the top corner of the post on the breakaway.

9:05 - Bobby Ryan takes the team's 4th minor penalty of the game. While it isn't always easy switching to a new team, Ryan proves to have found his groove in the Sens' system. This penalty would lead to Dean Brown discussing the team's penalty troubles, which should be expected from a team who gives the amount of ice-time that they do to guys like Zack Smith, Chris Neil and Jared Cowen.
6:07 – Benn (the crappy one) cross checks Turris in the side of his stomach and into the boards, leading a scrum and a MacArthur/Dillon “fight” (both were only given two minutes). Turris was able to play the next shift, although MacArthur would head to the room, but would eventually return. During the 4-on-4, Ryan gets hurt blocking a shot, and limps off the ice, although he would be fine as well. Just in case this season wasn’t frustrating enough, folks.

4:53 – After a scrambuuuuuuuuuuuuullll around the net, Cody Eakins pokes in a lose puck that Lehner thought he had. The Sens haven’t such a bad combination of gingers and bad defense since the Mike Commodore acquisition…yeesh!!!! 1-1 Ottawa

3rd Period

15:07 -  Lehner makes a save, but the Sens' defense falls apart, leading to a Trevor Daley goal to tie it up. The worst part of this play was Jared Cowen, who quite literally had no clue what he was doing on that play. He just stood there the entire time, clutching to the crossbar for support or something. 2-1 Dallas
14:12 - Dillon takes a high-sticking penalty on Ceci. Somehow Neil ends up "fighting" Ryan Garbutt (haha butt haha), and beating him pretty cleanly. Again, both were only given roughing minors.

13:02 - Benn (the good one) scores, with the assists going to Seguin and Benn (the crappy one). 3-1 Dallas.

12:32 - Eakins takes an interference penalty after getting tangled up with Bobby Ryan on a foot race heading to Ottawa's end. Bobby Ryan would fall and slam hard into the boards, and would stay down a bit before being helped off the ice.
0:38 - Sens pull the goalie, just in case they score one of those elusive "two point goals" to tie it up.

Closing Comments

This game stunk. Not that anything should be expected from them at this point, but the Sens have blown so many leads to crappy teams lately, and with no 1st round pick it was have really nice to see them win for once.

Have a great weekend!
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