Game Summary - Game 82: A Happy Ending to a Sad Story

by Steve On Sens and Bonk's Mullet

The Mullet: "Hey Steve, seeing as how bad this season has been, it seems only fitting if you do the summary to end the year"
Steve: "I don't know..."
The Mullet: "I'll snag you a Paddy's Pub keychain from the Philly airport next time I'm in Ottawa"
Steve: "You're a good man Doty. I'll do it."

1st Period

16:42 - Robin Lehner makes a save off of a deflected puck. Chris Cuthbert refers to him as "The Lehner". We liked "The Lehner" before it was mainstream.

10:36 - Chris Neil drops the gloves with Tanner Glass. Not the first Senator to punch glass.

5:14 - Jussi Jokinen redirects a pass that squeaks through Lehner. Goal horn goes on about 10 seconds late. Poor guy probably fell asleep. 1-0 Pittsburgh

Seconds later - NHL GameCenter notifies me that the schedules for the playoffs have been released.

1:21 - Kyle Turris beats Zatkoff with a shot that appears to catch him off guard. At least he beat his 2048 score on the play. 1-1

0:10 - Erik Karlsson gets hit in the mouth with a Beau Bennett stick...Karlsson still looks très Beau! Colin Greening gets a penalty. 

Intermission Report - Apparently chewing tobacco flew out of Karlsson's mouth after getting hit with the stick. Another reason why @wheelingprobs loves him.

2nd Period

We'll save you some time here. Two notable events take place in the second:

14:44 Lee Stempniak tips a Beau Bennett shot that beats Lehner. 2-1 Pittsburgh

2:44 - After some pretty passing on the power play, Mark Stone buries a rebound. 2-2

3rd Period

Editor's Note: Bonk's Mullet decided to spare Steve from the pain of summarizing this game and to turn to Twitter for material for the rest of the summary.
What a great one-two punch!
Well Steph, the bedazzling job was shoddy as Robin Lehner's eyebrows fell off after one wear!
Neilsi% is actually calculated as (Leadership + Offsides + Failed wraparounds) / Scoring chances. Neil's Neilsi% is... DIV0 ERROR.
Excellent question Zach! Chet is actually wanted in seven countries for his involvement in an off-shore banking scandal. Lucky for him, all seven countries believe he is a Nigerian prince.
1. Taking a good hard look in the mirror.
2. Reading Seriously, we'll be here all summer!
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Sens fans also took to Twitter to thank everyone for following along all season.
And some decided to recount their favourite 2013-2014 memories.

Oh yeah, the game! In what seems like a microcosm of the whole season, this one is dragged out way longer than anyone would ever hope for. We're off to a shootout!


Bennett - Misses
Jokinen - Misses

Turris - Scores
Spezza - Picks up the puck

Thanks everyone!

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