Photoshop Gameday Preview - New Jersey @ Ottawa

By Kevin Lee

The Ottawa Senators welcome the New Jersey Devils to the CTC for their final home game with more Sens fans in the crowd than the opposition. With Ottawa out of the playoff picture, this is their first opportunity to play spoiler. Spoiler of fun! The Devils were also eliminated from playoff contention last night, so this one's just for our entertainment.

What hasn't been mentioned much is that this could very well be Martin Brodeur's final appearance in Canada (although he's playing from the bench). In honour of this, the Sens have decided to grant Brodeur his wish of crowdsurfing on top of the Canadian flag.

Gretzky never got to do this.

With this being Fan Appreciation Night and Canadian Tire being an official sponsor, rumour is Matt Kassian will be making his way around the arena handing these out.

"This, kids, is step one to making the NHL."

Have you ever wondered what players talk about when they're about to take a face-off? Extensive research actually shows that they scour the internet for interesting discussion topics before each game in order to show off their esteemed intellect.

A $5.25 million dollar conversation

Don't fall asleep during Enjoy the game tonight folks!
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