Eugene Melnyk: Millionaire, Businessman, NHL Owner, Racehorse Owner... and now Movie Star?

By Kevin Lee

We all know our owner of the Ottawa Senators as a millionaire, businessman, and devoted racehorse owner. However, is he also something else. I happened to stumble upon the IMDb profile of a "Eugene Melnyk (II)". His filmography only consists of a single TV documentary, featuring him as himself. Nothing to see here.

Upon tweeting this, I was informed by Sascha Adler on Twitter, that there was a "Eugene Melnyk (I)" profile on IMDb as well. Is this the Eugene we all know? Well his date of birth matches that of his Wikipedia profile!

What's interesting about this IMDb profile is that it features an actual 1994 film called Death Junction. The summary of the film states it's about "A small-time drug pusher is caught in the middle of a war between rival Jamaican drug lords, and is accused of stealing a major shipment." Sascha went one step further and found out that this movie is actually available on YouTube (below)!

Jumping straight to the credits, it's confirmed that "Eugene Melnyk" does in fact star in this film:

Because movie credits are shown in chronological order, we tracked down the cook to the 8:50 mark and the cops to the 12:50 mark. Knowing that, our best bet is that it has to be him that appears at the 14:32 mark of the video. Below are several screenshots:

Doesn't really look much like Uncle Euge, does it? Here are some GIFs of the character:

So is this Eugene Melnyk, or more specifically our Eugene Melnyk? Probably not, but there's a slim chance that 20 years ago, our very own owner was a movie star. If it's not him, who is this second Melnyk? From the clips above, it seems likely that at the very least, actor Melnyk is owner Melnyk's evil twin.

If you or anyone you know has more information on Eugene Melnyk the actor, please contact your local authorities, and then us.
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