Sens Book Club: United To Read

by Matty Go Sens

Last week, we were introducing one new blog member each day of the week. Two of our blog members got pushed back thanks to the Ryan and Karlsson news, so we're resuming our introductions this week! Today's post comes from Matt Gervais, also known as "Matty Go Sens". You can find Matt on Twitter at @Gerv_Rebrand and you can check out all our new authors' bios here.

During an offseason out of the spotlight, many NHL players found different ways to keep themselves busy. Some golfed, others went fishing, all of them barbecued... Heck, a few even tried to get out on the ice ten times. It's no secret the Sens had a lengthier off-season than some. So, during the extended break, a few of the Sensationals decided it would be a good idea to do something that nobody does here at our blog: Read.

Stealing Colin Greening’s suggestion, Eugene Melnyk proposed it would be great for team morale to start up a Sens Book Club. We were fortunate enough to know a guy who knows a guy who hacked into Paul MacLean's surprisingly active Facebook account to steal pics of your favourite Senators in bookworm action.

Let's take a look and see what they read!

Eugene Melnyk

Book: CSI: The Insider’s Guide To The TV Phenomenon

Melnyk attempted to read this guide based on the hit series, but he was buried neck deep in the dust of the Highway 417 construction.

Erik Karlsson

Book: Lord of the Flies Coles Notes

On his way out of town, Jason Spezza dropped off a copy of Lord of the Flies to EK65's door step. Ottawa's new captain was flattered by the gesture, so he picked up the Coles notes version of Golding’s classic. It’s about a group of boys who are divided because of leadership and control, who ultimately end up killing each other. Erik failed to see the relevance.

Colin Greening

Book: DSGE Models in Macroeconomics: Estimation, Evaluation, and New Developments.

No one understood what the studious Colin was reading or talking about, so they kicked him out of the club. Bryan Murray eventually pressured the boys to keep Colin thanks to his lengthy one-way deal with Scholastic.

Mika Zibanejad

Book: Be A Top DJ In 10 Easy Steps

DJ ZBad pounced like a lion when he saw this DJ bible sitting on the clearance shelf at the Kanata Centrum Chapters (where all great DJs are born). Mika said he put the book down after step 6 of 10 was "never play a club in Kingston, Ontario," but feels like he can still emerge as an elite DJ some day. Many Sens fans believe the Sens should have tanked in order to draft Gabriel Landeskog for his wicked keytar skills.

Jared Cowen

Book: Channel Surfing with subtitles

The gang allowed Jared to join the club when he complained that his television subtitle settings were permanently on.

Some of his favourite "books" included: Seinfeld, Price is Right, Cougar Town, and Galaxy Mix Kids.

Bobby Ryan

Book: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Philadelphia Flyers

Bobby said he's been meaning to get to this Flyers history book for his entire career now, and he thinks he finally might dive in to it.

Just kidding! He's going to read Bodycheck magazine for 8 years straight.

Erik Condra

Book: Gretzky’s Autobiography

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!?” said Condra, suddenly realizing he had previously misheard the Great One's quotation.

To sum it up, these eight Sens read 6.25 books in total, plus a few subtitles and a Hot Rod wrapper. On average, that's about 12 pages each per day! Reading that much while living the fast-paced NHL lifestyle takes some serious consistency and fearless dedication.

So, if you haven’t read a book recently, we encourage you to pick up that dusty old paperback you’ve been neglecting for months, and give it a chance. These guys did, and look how it brought them closer together, United To Read.

If you are bookwormy too, feel free to share your Sens-related summer readings with us!
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