The Inside Scoop on Lehner's New Mask

by Joe Boughner

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Ottawa Senators goaltender Robin Lehner is debuting a new bucket this year. And while the Official Explanation given on Sens TV was that Ol' Crazy Eyes just wanted to bring in some red to his classic look, with a nod to his favourite Swedish death metal band In Flames, we here at Bonk's Mullet were... skeptical. After all, his old lid - unofficially dubbed Nightmare Fuel - perfectly matched the blackness of his soul.

Pictured: Nightmare fuel, as well as Lehner's old mask.
And so we decided to do what we do best. Hack his phone. Sorry Emma Watson.

The first sign that Lehner was looking to make a switch didn't come until August 25, which seems suspiciously late to be swapping paint jobs.

We asked around, but none of our sources could shed light on the timing of this apparently spontaneous decision.

Senators' Equipment Manager Scott Allegrino is clearly a man with connections, though, because just a week later, Lehner had this exchange with mask designer David Gunnarson of DaveArt designs in Sweden.

Full credit to Gunnarson; the turnaround on this paint job was incredible as Lehner arrived in camp ready to rock his new red mask.

Looks great!
Oh Robin Lehner. What goes on behind those crazy, crazy eyes ?
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