The Ottawa Senators Halloween Costume Party

Guest post by Capital Gains (Ghostwritten by Bonk's Mullet)

Happy Halloween Sens fans! We've got something special for you today courtesy of @Capital_Gains65, one of our favourite Sens Twitter accounts. Ol' Gainsy is famous for his caricatures of both Ottawa Senators and your favourite bloggers.

Gains managed to get exclusive access to the Sens' Halloween party, but there was a strict "no cameras allowed" policy. Luckily, thanks to his razor sharp memory and skill with a brush, he was able to recreate the highlights of the party for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the best Ottawa Senators Halloween costumes of 2013.

Goaltending, b*tch!
Right Wing is the new Centre.
We said costumes, Erik!
That's better. A boy can dream.
"I am the Lorax. I speak for the CORSIs, for the CORSIs have no tongues."
He's there to protect the star soloist.
Do not pass $50 million. Do not collect a casino.
This costume is just an excuse for Marc to wear those tight leggings.
Not pictured: Captain Paddock.
Unfortunately Guillaume was working and couldn't attend the party.
Steamboat hatty.
Very naice defensive partner!
He's so fast, you only see him when he scores.
Well that's enough internet for today.
The timeless art of seduction.
The Cheesecaked Crusader and the Boy Wonderful Corsi
Eric Gryba, giver of gifts (to the opposition)
Ready for oar?
The organization wants them to bulk up a bit in the off-season.
Mending the wounds left by Alfie's departure.
Not pictured: Randy Carlyle frozen in carbonite.
Isn't that costume a little outdated Craig?

That's more like it!
Bobby Ryan was born for the role.
And you thought he only used those hips to check...
And last but not least...

But wait! There's more! Here's a director's cut album with all of the above costumes and more. Thanks for stopping by.

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