The Return of DJ Z-Bad?

by Chet Sellers

EXCLUSIVE! We've checked in with our official RBM Binghamton correspondent and confirmed that even though "Mika Zibanejad" may be disappointed about his recent demotion to the AHL, DJ Z-Bad is taking things in stride. And what better way to show the world it can't hold you back than to keep doing what you love, in this case by spinning a white-hot set last night at Binghamton's swankiest club? Our correspondent passed along the following reactions to Z-Bad's return to the public eye:

“He was having some kind of argument with the promoter before he started. They set him up on one side of this little stage and he made them move everything into the middle. ‘Not on the wing,’ he kept shouting.” – Maria G.

“It was kind of a weird set, man. He was playing house remixes of all these old, depressing songs – ‘Solitary Man’, ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’, ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’ . . . I was yelling for Avicii and he just kept shaking his head.” – Kyle F.

“I’m really liking the new direction. Although he’s exploring a darker place with his song choices, the commitment to a theme lent his set a certain emotional resonance. He's becoming a real artist.”
– Mark S.

“I don’t know if his head was really into it. He was working the decks with one hand and curling weights with the other the whole time. Like he hadn’t had time to make it to the gym recently?” – Chuck H.

“He was great! Except when I told him he was definitely worth da cost of admission and he threw his water bottle at me.” – Stacy B.

“I drove down from Ottawa for this!” – Dave T.

“I have NEVER heard of this guy.” – Dan R.

“I thought he’d be bigger, to be honest with you.” – Karen M.

“I liked it, but that hype man he had, Notorious JOB or whatever he called himself . . . he was just shouting into the mic the whole time. It was grating.” - Fred C.

“I was skeptical, but then he finished up a disco version of ‘Without You’ and dropped the beat straight into some mashup of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and I mean, we were all just flying after that.” – Pete W.

“I asked for some Jay-Z, and I think he thought I said J-G because he threw his water bottle at me.” – Mike J.

“It ended a little early – he’d played 22 songs, and then got on the mic and told everybody he couldn’t afford to play another one, and that was it.” - Emily G.

“Man, I came to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight to watch the game, not to listen to this racket.” – Mitch P.

Keep your head up, Mika. See you soon!
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