Game Summary: Game 3 - Sens lose to Kings 4-3 OT

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By Luke Peristy

Hello there, discerning reader. Welcome to Mullet After Dark, the late night Sens blog that is sure to entertain you on those sleepless nights. Please come in and have a seat. Joining us in the lounge tonight is Jason from Mississauga. Jason's been going through some tough times at work lately, so I invited him to relax with us and take a load off that achy groin. Maybe later we can look at getting that groin some treatment, if you know what I mean. (This is what I mean.) All that in good time, but for now, how are you enjoying that hot tub, Jason?

Seriously, who doesn't like hot tubs?
What can I say? Looks like he's another satisfied patron of Mullet After Dark. Anyway, make yourself at home. What's that? You heard it was Game Night?! Why, right you are! Just follow me past the break, and I'll tell you more about tonight's fun and games. Tonight's affair was between the Kings and Senators, and like all good affairs, it took place in Los Angeles.

1st Period

17:13 - Erik Karlsson is informed that Los Angeles has a player named "King". He is displeased at this misappropriation of his nickname.

13:21 - Ottawa shows great puck movement on the powerplay, but can't score; Dustin Brown gets out of the box and scores on the Kings' first shot; "CORSI IS A LIE!", I shout at the TV. 1-0 Kings

10:08 - The referee takes exception to Dustin Brown's complimentary face-wash from Zack Smith; Zack Smith's protest that he's trying to grow his brand goes unheeded and he goes to the box.

7:49 - Pageau takes a weak tripping penalty; Carter scores on the resulting powerplay; Anderson caught doing the "Sexy Bobby Ryan" pose while trying to make the save. 2-0 Kings

2:05 - Chris Neil takes a weak penalty and Kyle Turris takes a penalty while on the penalty kill; Brown scores as soon as Neil gets out of the box. #MulletAfterDark 3-0 Kings

1st Period Impressions: In the greatest of all Los Angeles traditions, the Senators got caught cheating too often and they paid dearly for it.

2nd Period

18:02 - Dean Brown says the phrase "Bobby Ryan underwear", which apparently is a thing. No joke coming, I'm just incredulous.

14:27 - The Kings are playing a very tight checking game, but not playing too aggressively on offense. This riles up the crowd because if the Kings score 5 goals, everyone goes home with a voucher for 15% off their next plastic surgery.

13:54 - Jean-Gabriel Pageau scores following some strong forechecking by Erik Condra; Like any player, Pageau would be nothing without a good wingman. #MulletAfterDark 3-1 Kings

13:14 - Chris Neil takes a puck to the face, leaves for repairs; Puck waves its arms to pump up the crowd on its way off the ice.

9:49 - Paul Maclean fires up the old line blender and throws ingredients in at random. The following line combinations are seen:

  • Greening - Smith - Ryan
  • Ryan - Pageau - Condra
  • Michalek - Da Costa - Greening
  • Kassian - Smith - Neil
  • Conacher - Turris - The Idea of Mika Zibanejad

3:50 - Milan Michalek gets a shot on goal; I remember Milan Michalek plays for Ottawa.

2nd Period Impressions: No Senators went to the box that period, and the team carried more play as a result. Paul Maclean appears to be throwing players out at random seeking some chemistry, and I can't say I blame him as no one in a white sweater has stood out so far.

3rd Period

16:49 - LA already has 5 third period shots to Ottawa's zero; Ottawa cries out for a hero. Actually, it might have just been a yawn.

14:02 - After a Kings penalty, Bobby Ryan produces an absolute snipe-show on the powerplay; Everyone immediately feels better about Bobby Ryan, the powerplay, and the game; Claims that this goal also healed Jason Spezza's groin cannot be substantiated. 3-2 Kings

8:04 - Daniel Carcillo, Chris Neil, and Colin Greening all go to the box; Greening for a stick infraction,  Carcillo for being annoying, and Neil for spraying Carcillo with his Gatorade WHICH IS A HUGE WASTE THERE ARE CHILDREN STARVING IN AFRICA, GODDAMMIT, CHRIS!

5:44 - Justin Williams misses an open net; File this under "Things that might be important later".

4:57 - Da Costa has a glorious chance to tie the game, but Quick saves his weak backhander; "I save pucks like the USA saved France in World War 2!", yells Quick, who apparently is quite xenophobic.

4:27 - Milan Michalek scores after a scramble in the high slot initiated by a Joe Corvo dangle at the blue line; I run out of things to be angry about. 3-3 Tie

1:32 - I lied about that last bit; MacArthur takes a penalty with 92 seconds remaining in the game; Denis Potvin calls it, "A tough call against the Senators"; I call it, "A gross miscarriage of justice".

0:00 - Senators secure loser point, but vow to not be satisfied with such a pittance.


4:32 - Senators are suddenly satisfied with the loser point after Jeff Carter tips home a Mike Richards point shot. 4 - 3 Kings, Final

Closing Thoughts

The Kings essentially scored 3 of their 4 goals on the powerplay, which would make it hard for any team to win. Ottawa showed great resilience in mounting their comeback (#MulletAfterDark), but they will need to show more discipline in order to have a chance of beating the red-hot San Jose Sharks on Saturday night.
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