Free U2 Album Causes Alfredsson Setback

by Mike Wheeler

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For his inaugural post, Mike brings us breaking news out of Detroit.

Photo by Matty Go Sens
DETROIT, MI - Daniel Alfredsson’s playing career may be coming to an end as recurring back problems are causing the former Senators captain to seriously consider retirement. The setback comes as a shock to the Detroit Red Wings who were expecting a healthy Alfredsson to arrive at training camp earlier this month. The NHL star re-injured himself when the discovery of a new, free U2 album on his iPhone caused him to literally jump for joy.

“I feel like I still have a lot to give to an NHL club.” said the one-time captain to a local media outlet on Monday. Alfredsson, a known fan of the iconic Irish rock group U2, said that the injury could not have come at a worse time. “I was just getting ready to head off to camp, I looked at my phone, and there it was. A brand new U2 album. I just got so excited, I started jumping up and down. And unfortunately I tweaked something.”

Still without a contract, the once-beloved former captain was asked if there is a possibility of him joining the Red Wings once the season has begun, “Maybe. But I think what’s really amazing is the fact that Apple has just given away a brand new U2 album to everyone. How much do you think they had to pay for something like that?” Alfredsson went on to compare his own longevity to that of U2. “It’s really remarkable.”

There is still no timetable for Alfredsson’s return to action as this type of back injury can be difficult to rehabilitate. When asked whether or not he realistically thinks he will play another game in the NHL, Alfredsson stated, “Oh, that's a tough one. Either Bono or the Edge. It's basically a toss up.”
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