Week 2 Preview: Mama We're Comin' Home

By Mississippi Chris and The Capital Gains Band

This week the Sens don't have too tough a schedule, so hopefully they can pick up a few wins with Wiercioch Methot on the sidelines and Cowen on the top pair...OR NOT? Ottawa wraps up their road trip in Florida before coming home for their home opener against Colorado.

Oct 13th @ Florida

How will the Panther's Newest Acquisitions Perform?: While you were all away being grossed out by algae-covered rocks in the lake at your friend's cottage, the Panthers front office spent their summer all cooped up in their front office dishing out the big buck$ to sign a bunch of bottom 6 forwards. It's not like there's anything better to do in Florida during the summer. Now, in case you weren't following Florida's every move this off-season (God forbid), the team's official website cooked up this dandy of an info-graphic to help you out!

One of Jussi Jokinen's greatest accomplishments is being born in Finland, apparently
That is the definition of a frenzy right there. Like, a +10 rating during the playoffs on last year's Cup winning team? The first Cuban American in NHL history? 906 career penalty minutes? WOOOOAH BABY! I mean, if the Sens think they can just mosey their little behinds into Florida and pick up an easy "W" against THE Florida Panthers and Derek Mackenzie's 1092 career face off wins then they are sorely mistaken!

The Award For The Goaltending Duo With The Worst Hair Goes To:

ROBERTO LUONGO AND AL MONTOYA!!! *thunderous applause*

BRAD BOYES, BRAD BOYES, WHAT'CHA GONNA DO: What is this guy gonna do? Brad Boyes, the hockey player, that is. Is he gonna score? Is he not gonna score? Tune in and find out!

Oct 16th vs Colorado

The Sens Have Not Beaten The Avalanche In Nearly Nine Years: Last time the Sens beat Colorado was December 12th, 2005 by a score of 6-2. I was so surprised reading this that I actually decided to go dig up the game recap from the Sens website, so if I could spot some similarities that may hint towards an Ottawa victory. (Quotes from the recap are italicized, followed by my awful opinions.)

"Ottawa struggled on the power play early and was without its leading scorer."

As it turns out that "leading scorer" was Jason Spezza. Given that the Sens traded Spezza in the off-season, I'd say things are looking pretty good right now for the Sens, based on history.

"All that hardly mattered."

Beating a very strong Tampa Bay team last Thursday night without Spezza? Dare to dream.

"The Senators have so much depth, they can overcome just about anything."

Shucks. Well maybe Colorado will start Vitaly Kolesnik in nets again.

"If I get scored on by Eaves, Schubert and Bochenski in the same night I'll get a dorky haircut"

An Abundance of Cs: As most of you know, Erik Karlsson purchased 1000 C's with the intention of giving them out for free to people who already have his jersey. It turns out that he actually bought a few extra to have some fun with the Avs on opening night.

When seeing all the C's in the dressing room, Landeskog had a "what have I done to deserve this" look on his face.
On top of the Cs, Karlsson spray painted #LaLaLa all over the walls in the opposition's dressing room.

Oct 18th vs Columbus

The Battle of the Extremely Reasonable Contracts: Columbus' #1 centre, Ryan Johansen, just recently signed a 3 year, 12 million dollar contract extension with the team. Senators #1 centre, Kyle Turris, took offense to this as his status as most reasonable contract in the NHL is being threatened. Stay tuned for the battle between the two centres to see who is getting ripped off more by their respective teams.

Not Pictured: Eugene Melnyk being held back by John P. McConnell


  • Team's Current Record (as of Monday afternoon): 1-0-1. Currently one spot behind the 2nd wild card in a 4-way tie.
  • Team Injuries: Marc Methot (back), Jared Cowen (brain)
  • Advanced Stat of The Week: Sens are currently undefeated against all three teams they play this week. If my math is correct (it is), then that means they have a 0% chance of losing even one game this week.

Have a good one, you guys.
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