Legwand increasingly frustrated with local media: “It’s pronounced LEG-WAND”

by Mike Wheeler

Image courtesy of Canadian television star @Capital_Gains65

Ottawa’s newest Senator, David Legwand, has had a rough start in his new city, but it has nothing to do with his on-ice play. The veteran forward says that he is growing increasingly frustrated with the local media’s inability to correctly pronounce his last name. He vocalized his concerns on Monday: “I’ve literally never had this problem in any other city I’ve been to.”

“My name is just two pretty basic English words put together.” Reporters then started trying to give it their best shot but unfortunately, Legwand informed them that they were still off the mark. “No, it’s not ‘Lejoond’ or ‘Lugnut’ and whoever said ‘Begband’, you were close, but you added B’s for some reason.”

Fans are also struggling to grasp Legwand’s tricky name. Tim Cranton from Orleans wonders why the organization couldn’t have just acquired someone with a more normal name. “This team needs players with good Canadian names like Wiercioch, Chiasson, or Borowiecki.”

Senators General Manager Bryan Murray says that the adjustment has been difficult for everyone. “We’re very pleased with the way he’s been playing for us so far, but it’s his off-ice intangibles that have been suffering. I’ll be perfectly honest - because I’m old - but he’s just not fitting in the way we had hoped. I’ve tried to trade him, but the other general managers have no idea who Lajaundre even is.”
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